Astropad Graphics Tablet

Astropad App Turns Your iPad Pro into a Graphics Tablet for Your Mac

Astropad on iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the first iPad that has native support for a pressure sensitive stylus. The Apple Pencil is the best stylus we’ve seen for iPad bar none. The accuracy, precision and speed are simply the best. While there are several apps that take advantage of Apple Pencil on iPad Pro there’s one that promises to be a game changer. Astropad Graphics Tablet is an app for iPad and iPhone. It has preliminary (beta) support for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Wth this App you can mirror your Mac’s display and use your iPad as a graphics tablet for your Mac. Astropad can connect to your Mac via USB or WiFi. If your Mac has multiple displays you can choose which one to mirror.

Astropad Rocks!

Here’s a video of how it works:

The Bottom Line

The iPad Pro is a cool device on its own. However, adding the extra benefit of using it as a graphics tablet on the go means that I can take my Wacom Intuos Pro Small out of my bag. It’s one less piece of gear weighing my bag down.

You can get Astropad for iPad from the .


The New Periscope App Update Is Good, but there is still room to go!

Periscope 3D touch

If you’re a Periscope user on Android or iOS you should now have the latest update which brings a few very welcomed features:

  • Replays on the Global Map
  • Skip ahead in Replays
  • 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus
  • Zoom on Android
  • List of Trending scopers


Hotel WiFi Test

Find the Hotels with the Best WiFi with Hotel WiFi Test


I can remember years ago booking hotels based on whether or not they offered internet in their rooms. Now we take it for granted that any hotel that we’d book has some form of internet access. They either have WiFi throughout, WiFi in common areas, ethernet in every room or all of the above. Unfortunately having the luxury of ethernet jacks in every room is becoming a thing of the past. Newly built hotels are usually built and go completely wireless. With ethernet in the room you can setup your own wireless access point and in many cases you’ll have a faster connection on the less congested ethernet connection. If you have a weak signal in your room even a wireless personal router such as this one won’t help. With more and more people bringing multiple devices with them when they travel and being more dependent on an internet connection to get work done, a decent internet connection in your hotel is very important.


Padgram Pro - Instagram Viewer for iPad

Enjoy Instagram on your iPad with Padgram Pro



I am a fan of Instagram. I use it daily as a method of sharing my photography and seeing what others are shooting/posting. I totally get why Instagram is a phone App. Most people snap pictures and videos with their smartphones. However, I can’t think of any reason why the good folks over at Instagram haven’t saw fit to release a tablet version of their app yet. I’m often browsing Instagram on long flights and typically I’m using my iPad Air 2 in this situation. It feels really silly viewing the iPhone app on the iPad. It never occurred to me to check for 3rd party Instagram iPad apps until I saw Padgram mentioned in the comments on another site. I immediately downloaded it and thought to myself “I can’t believe that I’ve been missing out this long.” This is the kind of app that I’ve been wanting. Imagine your Instagram feed on a big beautiful 10″ display.



Instagram is no longer just for squares

Instagram app


I’ve been a long time user of Instagram. I love it because I can post pics there and not only share them with in Instagram followers, but also simultaneously post them to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare, email and even Flickr. I like Instagram a lot. It’s probably the only social media platform that I check my entire feed of people that I follow on a daily basis. However, the thing that I absolutely hated was being forced into a 1:1 “square” aspect ratio. Some pics just look better in their native portrait or landscape orientation. Sure I had work arounds and apps to allow me to fit the full photo into a square format, but it was extra work and it just didn’t look right. Doing video was even worse. Video naturally looks better “wide”.


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