I use my iPhone 5 as my point and shoot camera and while the built-in Camera app works fine there are other Apps that work even better. In most cases you’re either going to want more control while taking your shots or you’re going to want to do something with them immediately after shooting them. That’s where these 10 Best iPhone Camera Apps come into play.



Camera+ 2.0

Let’s start with Camera+. This App aims to allow you to take better pictures in the 1st place by offering both tap for focus and tap for exposure lock as well as stabilization features for anti-camera shake. After take your shot you’ve got a ton of great scene modes, filters and adjustments to use.



Camera Awesome


Camera Awesome is by SmugMug and like Camera+ it aims to help you take better pics to start with by offering various composition features as well as tap to lock in focus and exposure. After you take the shot you’re one tap away from “awesome”. Just tap the Awesomize button to make your shot “awesome”. You can crop, apply effects and filters and of course share your shot on several social media sites including smugmug.com



True HDR


I’ve tried several HDR Apps and hands down True HDR is the best IMHO. It just get’s the whole process right and results are stunning! You can shoot in auto mode or manual mode, merge your 3 shots together and then adjust the Warmth, Contrast, Saturation and Brightness as well as one tap effects.

Hogwartz Express






It’s hard to have a list of camera Apps without mentioning Instagram. After all it’s Instagram’s claim to fame to be able to take a shot, apply a filter to it and share it with your Instagram followers. This was so popular that Facebook paid a billion dollars to acquire it.



YouTube Capture


The built-in camera app can record video, but if your goal is to record video and publish it to YouTube right from your iPhone, then there’s no easier way than the Free YouTube Capture App. You can even add a royalty free sound track right in the app.





Toon Camera is amazing technology! It does a live conversion of your still photography or video to a cartoon like image. I was blown away the 1st time I saw that it was doing it in real-time. You can save your toon stills or video to the camera roll for sharing and use in other apps. Toon Camera also allows you to control things like the thickness and style of the lines.



Slow Shutter+


One thing the built-in camera app can’t do is long exposures that allow you to have light trails. This is where Slow Shutter + comes in. You have full control over your iPhone shutter speed just like you do with your DSLR.



Split Pic Pro


There are several Apps that you let you combine two or more pics into one frame. However, Split Pic Pro is geared towards allowing you to shoot 2 or more images and do the compositing in camera. It’s like using the Photoshop Clone Stamp tool, but instead of doing it in post you’re doing it as you take the shot. The app offers a split window display where you can shoot one shot on one side and then have the subject move to the other side while you’re still composing and taking the second shot.





I like to look at GorillaCamPro as the App that adds all the options that I’d have if I were shooting with a point and shoot camera. It gives me a self-timer, burst mode, anti-shake, time-lapse photography and stop motion. I originally got this app just to have a self-timer, but I quickly discovered how useful the other features were.





Cycloramic is another example of amazing technology and thinking outside the box. This App actually can rotate your iPhone 5 (on a smooth surface) using vibrations to record a 360° panoramic video or still shot.




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