Documents to Go Premium – Work with your MS Office documents

You can't mention the word "office" without Microsoft Office coming to mind. So let's start with ways of not only reading and editing your MS Office documents, but creating new ones from scratch. This is where Documents to Go Premium. You can work with and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files right on your iPad. This App also makes it easy to share with others with its integration with Google Docs, Dropbox, and iDisk. The Premium version adds in Exchange & GMail Attachement support and two-way syncing from your desktop Mac/PC over WiFi. If you have to deal with Office documents, this is your App.

Get Documents to Go Premium for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for $16.99 here from the iTunes


FileMaker Go – Complete Database Management

FileMaker Pro is an industry standard database application on both Mac and PC. I actually started my career as a FileMaker consultant many years ago. The desktop version has completely grown up now and offers the best in class for EASY database creation and powerful relational features. With FileMaker Go you don't have to leave that data behind. The latest version gives you all that you need to take your FileMaker Pro databases with you and update/add records on the go right on your iPad. You can even connect to your hosted FileMaker Pro databases over the internet. 

Get FileMaker Go for iPad for $39.99 here from the iTunes


Keynote – instead of Death by PowerPoint


I don't think anyone is a fan of sitting through hundreds of boring PowerPoint slides. However, slide presentations are the norm in business meetings. They also don't have to be boring! This is where Apple's Keynote comes in. You can create/edit Keynote presentations either on your Mac and sync them over to your iPad or right on your iPad with this App. You can also open up presentations created in MS PowerPoint and show them not only on your iPad, but connected directly to a projector via the iPad VGA adapter

Get Keynote for iPad for $9.99 here from the iTunes



Instaviz – Visual Flowcharting


I don't do many flow charts, but I'm amazed by the user interface of Instaviz on the iPad. If you need to do flowcharts, diagrams, etc. right on your iPad during a meeting or at your desk, this is your app.

Get Instaviz for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for $9.99 here from the iTunes


Delivery Status Touch – best package tracking

Timely delivery of the package you're waiting for or shipped is crucial in business. While each of the major delivery services have their own Apps, I prefer Delivery Status Touch for ALL of my Package Tracking. It gives me up to the minute information as to where ALL of my packages are no matter which carrier they were shipped with. The push notifications also mean that I don't have to continuously check to see "is it there yet?".

Get Delivery Status Touch for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for $4.99 here from the iTunes


Todo – Manage that Todo list of yours

There are lots of great todo/task manager Apps on the App Store, but I continue to favor Appigo's Todo. It's everything I need without the complexity of some of the other task managers. I'm also digging the feature that syncs my Todos in the cloud so that I can see them from any of my iOS devices as well as any web browser on my Mac/PC. I can check off things as I do them, set reminders, categories, etc. no matter which device I'm on.

Get Todo for iPad for $4.99 here from the iTunes


Calculator HD for iPad – I need a calculator on my iPad

It's a simple thing, but the iPad doesn't have a built-in calculator and while there are dozens out there, my pick is Calculator HD for  iPad. This App features a customizable interface, Basic and Scientific modes, vertical and landscape orientation as well as an electronic, printable, emailable paper tape.

Get Calculator HD for iPad for $0.99 here from the iTunes


Dropbox – ultimate way to share files to/from your iPad

I'm convinced more and more each day that is the ULTIMATE FREE cloud based file sharing service. I use it now all the time, just about every day. What makes it even better is not only their iPad App, but the fact that many of my other Apps integrate with it. I also love the way that it integrates directly into the Mac OS (Windows too) on my desktop. I now use it instead of the MobileMe iDisk that I'm paying for! It's that good! Sign up for your FREE account here.

Get the Dropbox App for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for Free here from the iTunes


Timer With Sections – Keep those meetings and presentations moving along

How many meetings have you been in that went way over the allotted time because a presenter or topic took longer than you expected? Timer With Sections is my App of choice when I want to plan out the entire meeting or presentation to make sure that I and everyone else sticks to their time limit. The latest update makes this an iPad (Universal) App!

Get Timer with Sections for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch for $1.99 here from the iTunes


PDF Expert – Manage your PDF docs and even fill out PDF forms

There are businesses out there that base their entire mobile workforce on the use of Adobe PDF forms. Now you can arm your iPad with those PDF forms and PDF documents and fill them out on the go right on the spot with your clients. PDF Expert also does PDF markup and syncing with…. you guessed it, Dropbox!

Get PDF Expert for iPad for $9.99 here from the iTunes