A couple of weeks ago I went on a two week business trip to Europe. The trip was great, but one thing happened that I wasn't really expecting and that was total dependency on my iPhone 3GS. I can believe how much I relied on my iPhone and more importantly, 3rd party Apps to get me through each day. Now of course there are some great and useful built-in Apps that helped two, but there were 10 3rd party Apps that totally rocked!

My 10 Favorite Travel Apps for the iPhone

 FlightTrack Pro – this is already my preferred flight tracking App, but it was worth its weight in gold especially on the last day of my trip. I was literally walking down the jet bridge to board my first flight (3 flights total) to come home. I got a Push Notification that my 2nd connecting flight was cancelled. Because I got this notification early enough I was able to call my travel agent and get rebooked on a direct flight home in the 2nd city. Had I not gotten that notification, I wouldn't have found out about the cancellation until hours later and possibly too late to get on the flight I ended up taking home.


 iPass Global Wi-Fi – this App allowed me to connect to hotel and airport Wi-Fi connections without having to pay separately each time. My company has a master account for us to use and I used this app multiple times to avoid the high cost of data roaming abroad.

AccuWeather.com – this App gave me detailed weather reports for the cities I was in and the ones that I was going to. It was because of this App that I knew to go out shooting on Friday instead of waiting for Saturday, when it rained all day in Paris. Great App and my favorite weather app by far!


 Tweetie 2 – Not exactly a travel App, but certainly an App I depended on to do my social networking while on the road. Not only was I able to do status update tweets, but it has built-in Location support to geotag my locations that I was tweeting from.


 Facebook 3 – If you do Facebook, it's hard not to do use the Facebook App. With this App I was easily able to keep up with friends and family on the go. I could also share photos and even videos captured with my 3GS.


 TimeScroller – I traveled between multiple time zones and as much as I'd like to think I can keep a 5 or 6 hour difference straight in my head, I just can't. So with TimeScroller I was easily able to see all of the time zones for the people that I communicate with in one window at a glance. I could also use the app to project out and pick the best time for online meetings that made sense across multiple time zones.


 Navigon Europe – The Navigon North America App is already my preferred turn-by-turn GPS navigation App. So it was only natural that I check out their Europe version. While certainly not cheap, it was one App that covered ALL of Europe. I used it quite a bit for finding points of interest and keeping the cab drivers honest 🙂 It was also AWESOME having the 1.4 version which has Google integration for finding Points of Interest. 


 WeePhone – this App is a generic VoIP app for SIP based accounts like the Vonage Softphone account that I have. I was amazed at how well this App worked on my iPhone. Not only did it let me call home and talk for hours, but it even worked over my Jawbone ICON bluetooth headset. The interface can stand a little dressing up, but it worked and it worked well! The new version now also works over 3G in addition to Wi-Fi. Although you're probably cheaper using it abroad over Wi-Fi. There was one time that for whatever reason the WeePhone App didn't work to place a call and I used the Skype App as a backup. It worked great too, sadly without the bluetooth headset support.


 iTranslate – sadly I don't speak any foreign languages. So I needed help (a lot of help). With iTranslate I was able to get my messages across to cab drivers and other staff by either showing them my screen or having it translate and then speak the translation verbally. I purchased the optional voice for German and French. Very well done!


 TripIt – the TripIt app was very helpful in putting my entire itinerary in one easy to read place. I was able to easily look up confirmation numbers, addresses and phone numbers. While TripIt is FREE and worked great, I'm quickly becoming a fan of TripDeck.


Honorable Mention: I also used Photoshop.com Mobile for adjusting the photos I took with my iPhone. I used Best Camera to upload them to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously and while it also uploads to Flickr, I prefer Mobile Fotos for Flickr uploading as it also sends up the Location information so that your photos appear on your Flickr Map. Another often missed benefit is that Mobile Fotos not only allows uploading to Flickr, but it also has a location based search to show you photos that were taken in your area. So if you standing somewhere and you wonder, hmm are there any other good locations I should shoot around here? All you have to do is look and it will show you all of the public photos on Flickr taken in your area. Very cool!