We spend a lot of time downloading, testing, and reviewing iTunes store Apps for you the reader. We know you look to us to provide you with the best Apps available. With that in mind we thought it would be natural that I share my top 3 must have Jailbroken Apps with you. We know that not all of you are interested in Jailbreaking your iPhone, but if adding non Apple approved Apps doesn’t scare you… Read on.


This isn’t going to be a guide to Jailbreaking your iOS device; you can find a guide to that with a quick Google search. For me, MyWi was THE reason to Jailbreak my iPhone. MyWi allows you to turn your iPhone into a WiFi hotspot. With the release of the iPhone4, AT&T added the ability to tether your iPhone to your laptop, but they require USB. I bought a Wifi only iPad, and I want to use my iPhone to connect my iPad to the internet. MyWi lets me do that. Along with the benefits of turning your iPhone into a Wifi hotspot, you can use MyWi on your Jailbroken iPad to directly tether your Nikon DSLR to your iPad wirelessly as shown by the guys over at the Fstoppers here(http://fstoppers.com/ipad/). At $19.99 this App is on the high end for most people when it comes to App price, but it is worth every penny.


How many “utilities” folders do you have? How about “games”? If you’re like most iOS4 users that I know, you have multiple folders with the same type of content in it. By design, the folders in iOS4 only allow for 12 apps per folder. So what do you do if you have more than 12 Apps that fit into that category? If you have a Jailbroken iOS device, you can add Infinifolders for free to your iOS device and have as many Apps contained in each folder as you would like. Infinifolders runs in the background, and there are no settings. It performs one task, but it performs that task really, really well which is why it is on my top3 list.

Five Icon Dock

Five Icon Dock is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to add a 5th icon to the dock of your iPhone. Again, this App runs in the background like Infinifolders so you don’t have to set anything. You don’t have to adjust anything, all you have to do is select your 5th App that you would like in the dock and drag it down. This App is also free, but a must have.

Jailbreaking your iOS device

Some people don’t want to Jailbreak their device. Some people are completely happy with the Apps from the App Store, and that’s fine. If, however you’re like me and want to do something a little different and Jailbreak your iOS device, try out these three Apps. You won’t be disappointed.