When the first iPad was released, Steve Jobs went up on stage and touted that the iPad would be great for productivity, in many ways replacing a computer. Now a year later, Apple turned the focus from productivity onto games, an area that has been exploding with new apps. The iPad, however, is still a magnificent device to write on, especially using a bluetooth keyboard. In this post, I want to share with you five of my favorite apps for writing on the iPad.


SimplenoteFirst of the apps is Simplenote, my newly found note taking app. The beauty of this app, apart from that it syncs with the cloud and desktop, is that it is not just limited to notes. Because it has such an extensive way of searching and finding notes, I use it for most writing on the iPad when I just want a blank screen to fill with my words.

Price: Free

Simplenote - Codality


PagesAlong with the first iPad, Apple released the iWork suite for iPad. In here we find Pages, the mobile version of the great word processor found on the Mac. If formatting is important for you when you are writing on the iPad, definitely try out Pages, since it offers much of the functionality found on the Mac. The downside is that you need to setup your documents first and it doesn’t do many of them stored and sorting is a nightmare.

Price: $9.95

Pages - Apple®

Dragon Dictation

Perhaps an interesting choice to have in the writing category, but I know many people who would rather dictate what they are writing instead of actually writing it. The best app in the App Store for this is called Dragon Dictation and is free! Just start a new note, tap record and off you go. It does a very good job and if you are not fully happy afterwards, you can edit right from within the app.

Price: Free

Dragon Dictation - Nuance Communications


If you are studying in school, college or at the university, this app might prove very useful for you. Along with a brand new companion Mac app, CourseNotes on the iPad lets you take notes, organize them into different subjects and mix between handwritten notes (yep, touch is king here) and written ones with the keyboard. At the end of they day, you have an organized note library from your courses.

Price: $4.99

CourseNotes - Dear Panda LLC


NotabilityShould you prefer the approach that CourseNotes take but want to use it outside school try Notability. This app lets you use the same system, organizing notes by different subjects. Instead of being aimed at a school setting, this app takes it into the broader life spectrum and gives you good organization while taking notes, along with audio clips in a perfectly simple way.

Price: $1.99

Notability - Ginger Labs