With the release of iOS 4.1, Apple added Game Center, an online service that lets you hook up with friends or “random people” to play games against each other. Ask a true gamer (I am not one) and he or she will say that the best way to game is with and against other, real, people. Even though I myself am not a big gamer, I still like to have some games around to relax with now and then. Here are five of my favorite games on the iPhone/iPod Touch that have now been updated to support Game Center.

Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth 2The classic game which goal is to guide a metal ball from start to finish in a labyrinth with wooden walls by avoiding holes. As though holes were not enough, the developers of this labyrinth game have decided to throw a modern touch with other obstacles and fun additions.

You can get the game from the app store priced at $4.99.


Flight Control

Flight ControlYou don’t need to be interested in aviation to find this game highly addictive. The goal of the game is to guide the aircraft that appear on the screen down on the ground. Sounds easy? Maybe, but there are four different types of aircraft with different colors that need to go down onto different runways and if that was not enough, you need to land two aircraft with different speeds on the same aircraft.

If you didn’t let my description scare you away (and you shouldn’t let that happen), you will find that Flight Control is indeed a highly addictive game that you will have hours of fun with and at a price of $0.99, it is a bargain!


Real Racing

Real RacingIf you are the type of person that prefers to play a game that is high paced in a fully different way, try Real Racing, a very good racing game on the iPhone that will let you race against other people online through Game Center now.

Sounds good? Then head over to the app store where you can get the game for $4.99.


Enigmo/Enigmo 2

Enigmo/Enigmo 2One of the first games that I played on my iPhone, Enigmo now supports the online gaming bit as well. The goal of the game is to guide droplets into their correct “bottles” using a number of different tools to help. On the way you will meet obstacles that you will need to have your droplets go around or have them go through loops in order to open doors.

Enigmo and Enigmo 2 gives you many hours of gameplay and now online too for $2.99 each.

Enigmo: Enigmo

Enigmo 2: Enigmo


FieldrunnersAnother addictive game which goal it is to protect your tower against oncoming enemies is Fieldrunners. The game runs for $2.99 which in my opinion is a bit pricy for the game play it offers but if you like the type of game I would not hesitate to get it, especially with the multiplayer online gaming with Game Center.