If you just got your NEW iPhone 4 or you've upgraded your 3GS to iOS 4 chances are you're chomping at the bit to get some Apps that really take advantage of it. Sadly, there aren't a slew of apps yet that really take advantage of iOS 4's power. However, they're on the way and in the meantime I've picked 5 "Must Have iPhone 4 Apps" that are ready to go today:



Although I'm more of a fan of Navigon, I do have to give it to TomTom for getting an update out quickly that allows you to run your Navigation app in the background under iOS 4. So now if a call comes in, you can take the call while TomTomcontinues to know your location and guide you in the background.

Get it here from the TomTom



Pandora Radio

This one is a no brainer! Pandora Radio is a great personalized internet radio station right on your iDevice that now can run in the background streaming music while you work in other Apps. Definitely a must have!

Get it here from the Pandora



If you have an iPhone 4, then you probably should check out iMovie for on the go video editing right on your iPhone. Unfortunately this App DOES require an iPhone 4. It will not even install on a 3GS. Once you create your masterpiece you can share it via email, MMS, YouTube, etc. or sync it back to your computer in all of its HD glory.

Get it here from the iMovie



Eliminate Gun Range

The iPhone 4 now features a gyroscope so that not only can it detect your movements up, down, left and right, but it can also detect your movements are you turn around. This is going to be great for gaming and Eliminate Gun Range is one of the first games to take advantage of it. You are on a gun range and you can aim at your targets by turning left and right. It's pretty cool!

Get it here from the Eliminate:GunRange



RunKeeper Pro

If you're a runner/jogger and you use your iPhone to keep up with your stats, RunKeeper Pro can now do so in the background under iOS 4. 

You can get it here from the RunKeeper