Adobe makes industry standard Apps for your desktop that creatives rely on every single day. However, Adobe also makes some pretty cool iOS Apps too and the best part is most of them are FREE. Here are 7 that you should check out today!


Adobe Ideas

Adobe Ideas 1.1

Actually Adobe Ideas started out as a free App but then it went paid. The price was $9.99, but as of today it’s free again. With Adobe Ideas you can draw, sketch and even trace over a photo. The new version will even pull your color swatches in from your account on With your free or paid Creative Cloud account you can sync your creations to be able to access them in Illustrator on your desktop. Universal App for iPhone and iPad


Adobe Photoshop Express


While Photoshop Touch is the king when it comes to all the editing power you could expect on a mobile device, the Free Adobe Photoshop Express is great for doing basic things like adjusting the exposure of an image, cropping, framing, special effects and the best noise reduction I’ve seen in a mobile app.


Adobe Kuler


Adobe Kuler for iPhone has to be the most “fun” Adobe App for iOS. It allows you not only the ability to mix color themes with the color wheel, but you can also use your device camera to interactively capture the colors around you for inspiration in your creative projects. Once you capture or mix colors you can sync them to your free account on and into Adobe Illustrator CC.

See my demo of Kuler here:


Adobe Reader


While iOS can display “basic” PDFs, it can’t display many of the attributes that can be applied to PDFs such as digital signatures and annotations (annotation display is coming in iOS 7). Adobe Reader on the desktop is what made PDF the standard it is today by providing a consistent viewing experience. PDF would be a bigger standard on iOS if it had the same reliable reading experience, this is why I recommend Adobe Reader to provide you with the most PDF displaying capabilities on iOS for FREE. Universal App for iPhone and iPad.


Adobe VideoBite


Adobe VideoBite is a Free basic movie editor for iPhone. It allows you to quickly capture, edit clips and share your movie. Since the built-in editor only allows you to trim clips, VideoBite gives you more without the overhead and learning curve of more sophisticated editors.


Adobe Grouppix


This is one of Adobe’s newest iOS Apps. Grouppix allows you to setup shared albums with your friends. This is great for the next time that you and your friends go to an event and everyone is snapping pics, but now you’ll all have instant access to everyone’s pics as they go into the shared album. Make comments and “Like” your favorite pics.



behance_iphone5 is the worlds largest creative community. It’s where creatives go to showcase their work, get inspiration and get feedback on work in progress. The Behance App lets you access your Behance work and community right on your iPhone. You can even pin from Behance if you have a Pinterest account. Also if you have a Behance portfolio check out the NEW Behance Creative Portfolio App (the portfolio App is a Universal App for iPad and iPhone).