I see more and more photographers getting iPads these days. It’s a natural for showing off your photography to clients and perspective clients. As a matter of fact Scott Kelby was telling me the other day that more photographers showed up at Photoshop World with iPads to have their portfolios critiqued than with printed books. That’s pretty incredible considering the short amount of time that the iPad has been out. With that said, I have’t found the PERFECT portfolio presentation app just yet. However, I do have 8 other Apps that I think iPad wielding photographers should know about:


Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express by Adobe is a FREE basic image editor for the iPad (and iPhone/iPod touch). Besides being a decent basic editor it has one unique feature in that it allows you to access your online albums on Photoshop.com and show images that are not actually on the device. This is a great way to litterally have access to thousands of your images without having to take up precious space on the iPad’s built-in memory. Of course you can also quickly edit those images you’ve imported using the camera connection kit or ones that you’ve received via email and then upload them directly to your Photoshop.com account, email them or post them on Facebook right from your iPad in the App.

See it in action here:

You can get Photoshop Express for FREE here from the .


While I really like Photoshop Express for quick easy corrections, when I want or need more editing power I actually fire up Filterstorm. Filterstorm is an iPad App that has a slew of editing features and just keeps getting better. If you start saying things like Color balance, Noise reduction, Curves, brush sizes, Clone Tool, Text Tool, etc. this is your App. You can not only send the finished image via email, but you can also FTP it as well.

You can get Filterstorm for $3.99 here from the .


Easy Release

As a photographer probably more often then not you’re going to need to do Model and/or Property release forms. Now because of the great apps on my iPhone and iPad I no longer carry paper forms any more. While I’ve reviewed a few great release form apps here in the past, Easy Release is the best one I’ve seen that’s native to the iPad. With Easy Release you can put in your own custom contract text. You can insert pictures of the model/property right on the from from the device and you can of course have the model/property owner sign right there on screen. A PDF of the signed release can then be immediately emailed to the model/property owner and yourself.

You can get Easy Release for $9.99 here from the .

Also if you’re going to be doing a lot of these then I highly recommend this stylus to make signing on your iPad much more natural.


The Guardian Eyewitness

Sometimes I just want inspiration! I don’t know of any good photographer out there who isn’t often inspired by another good photographer. One of the Apps that I draw my inspiration from si the Guardian Eyewitness. Each day the App features a photograph of a newsworthy event that day. The images are often stunning, breathtaking and INSPIRING.

You can get The Guardian Eyewitness App for FREE here from the .


Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live: Behind the Scenes

Scott Kelby is one of my favorite teachers. So quite naturally I was interested in his first iPad App, which is all about Lighting. This App is basically a Lighting Class on your iPad. You can start watching any of the videos for any of the subjects that you want whenever you want without needing an internet connection. Pick a topic, watch Scott light it from scratch and then see the end resulting shots. Review the techniques as often as you need to and best of all right there on the set because it’s on your iPad.

You can get Scott Kelby’s Photo Recipes Live App for $9.99 here from the .



I was actually pretty stunned to find out that there really aren’t any dedicated Shot List apps (or at least not any that I could find). There are hundreds if not thousands of photography based Apps on the App store, but none really setup to do what I want, which is create a shot list for an upcoming shoot with sample photos, description of the shot, a list of equipment that I want to take to get that shot and a diagram of how I want to setup the shot. The closest thing I could find is this App called PosePad. PosePad goes along ways towards what i want, but it’s not quite there in terms of really being a “shot list App”. However, it’s the closest I could find. You can use your own images. You can put in a description of the shot. You can see a list of the shots and there’s even a digram that you can draw on. Unfortunately there’s no equipment list and even on the digram you can drag out standard symbols for lights, people, etc.

Until something better comes along or until this app is updated, this is the best I’ve seen.

You can get PosePad for $4.99 here from the .



Smugmug is definitely a popular photo sharing and portfolio hosting site for photographers. As I mentioned above with Photoshop Express, the ideal here is that you can have your images on your Smugmug account and access them in the native Smugmug App on your iPad to show to clients. You can also show your HD Videos you’ve uploaded and as a nice bonus you can use the App to download your photos from your Smugmug account to your iPad for editing in one of the Apps I’ve mentioned above or others.

You can get the Smugmug app for Free here from the .



LightKit is a cool idea! It turns that big beautiful iPad display of yours into a small “light” for adding creative reflections to the item you’re shooting! Not bad for product shots or maybe even an dramatic portrait. However, rather than talk about this one. Check out their demo clip:


You can get LightKit for $4.99 here from the .