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Welcome to BestAppSite. Here we review the best apps that we find across the App Store, whether it is for iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. Additionally, we like to round-up apps in app lists to help you find the best ones for a special topic such as our “The 100 Best Apps of 2011” or “20 ‘Best’ Apps for the New iPhone 4s Owner“.

Alongside the reviews and lists you can find some helpful how-to guides on how to use your iDevice and get going with it. If you really want to learn all about your new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you should check out “The iPhone Book” written by Terry White (site founder) and Scott Kelby.

How do I get my app reviewed?

If you’re an app developer and you like to get your app reviewed, just head over to our “Get Your App Reviewed” page and fill out the form. If it is good enough for us to review, we will do it.

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We love hearing from our readers. If you want to get in touch with us, just fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we will get your email. While we read all emails that come in, we are unfortunately not able to reply to everyone.