I shop at Amazon.com all the time and I've always really liked their original iPhone App. Even though they updated that original App to be a Universal App for all iOS devices, they saw fit to introduce a brand new App just for the iPad. Amazon's Windowshop App is a rewrite from the ground up and it's designed for the iPad. As the name implies the App is mostly geared towards browsing and visual discovery of items. Of course you can do searches as always. When you tap on an item you get a nice big display of that item. When you're zoomed in on a particular item they did a nice job with the side tabs for Photos, Details, Reviews and related items. Once you're signed into your account you can Add to your Wish List or buy the items you want on the spot.

The App is Beautiful, but…

I love the fact that this app is so "visual". Being a visual guy, pictures are very important to me. However, the one thing I absolutely don't like about this App is the two way scrolling. First off the App only works in landscape view. OK, no problem. However, in order to see more items you have to scroll both horizontally AND vertically. Once you start scrolling, you have no idea where you are anymore. I would like to see a pref that limits the scrolling to one direction or the other. Outside of that, this App rocks and if you shop Amazon and have an iPad there's no reason not to have it.

You can get the Amazon Windowshop App for Free here from the Windowshop