Analytics App As a web designer and developer, tracking both my own and client websites is very important to me. The app that I have found pleases me in this area is Analytics App which ties right into Google Analytics (my tracker of choice) and is available for both the iPhone and iPad. The interface on the app is pretty similar on the iPhone and the iPad with the main difference being the larger resolution on the iPad allowing for a larger interface. Generally I like the interface although feel sometimes that it could be improved on to feel more modern. Right now it is a cross between a modern iPhone app and a not-so-nice app. iPhone :Analytics iPad: Analytics (not a universal app)

It is all about the stats!

Requirements that I make of an app such as this that ties in with Google Analytics is that it gives me access to all of the features that are in the web version of Google Analytics. With Analytics App, it gives me as far as I have been able to tell (without making a cross comparison, feature by feature) most of the features. From the app you are able to keep track of multiple websites (if you have them set up in Google Analytics) and all of their stats such as length of visit, depth of visit, bounce rate and all demographics and computer information (and more). To cut it short you will be able to see all statistics a normal person will ever want to see and even some more.


I really like Analytics App for many reasons but the main one must be that it strikes a good balance in the way that it presents all the statistics that Google Analytics give you. Being able to have it both on your iPhone and iPad is a big bonus, not only to be able to check it on the go but being able to check it next to the computer instead of opening up the website in Safari. Even though the app costs a little bit more than the normal app now on the app store, it is definitely worth it. Think about it as an investment into your site and not as a great expense because it really isn’t that expensive.