It has been a few hours now since Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, announcing the brand new iPhone 4 and iOS 4. Here is what is new.

iPhone 4

First off, we have the brand new iPhone 4. With the design as the leaks, it looks gorgeous. The design is all based around the metal frame around it (with glass on front and back) where all components are placed.


It has a vastly improved display, a retina display, with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch (compared to the 163 ppi on the 3GS) and a screen size of 960×640 pixels. That is an incredible four times more than the previous iPhone, apparently making reading easier on the eyes.

Inside, it also has the new Apple A4 chip with better power management which together with a slightly larger batter, increases battery performance. To fit this, they have gone with the micro-SIM instead of the regular SIM card.


iPhone 4 now adds a three-axis gyroscope which I imagine will come in very handy for game developers, allowing for pitch, roll and yaw control. For the developers, there is a new set of APi controls just for this.

New Camera

We have all known this has been a lacking feature in the iPhone for quite some time. Now however, iPhone 4 has a new 5 megapixel camera, featuring 5x digital zoom and an LED flash.

For video, it can now capture HD at a 720p video recording (30 fps). Apple is also developing a version of iMovie for the iPhone, which will be made available as a purchase from the AppStore for $5.

Video Chat

Look out everyone, the video chat era is here. Since the iPhone now has a front-facing camera, it allows for easier video chats and it is also built-in, called FaceTime. Currently you will need WiFi (Jobs said, at least through 2010) both as receiver and caller but hopes are that carriers soon will support this.

You can easily switch between sending video from either of the two cameras, as well as landscape and portrait orientation.

Pricing and Availability

In the U.S, France, Germany, Japan and the U.K., the iPhone will start selling on June 24th, starting pre-orders on June 15. The phone will come in black and white in the following sizes and prices.

8 GB (iPhone 3GS)  –  $99

16 GB (iPhone 4) – $199

32 GB (iPhone 4) – $299

For other international readers (like myself), a further rollout is due in July, adding 18 more countries (with Sweden being one of those), 24 more in August and a major 40 more in September.

iOS 4

Perhaps the biggest surprise in terms of the software is that they have now re-named it to iOS 4, instead of iPhone OS 4, a clever move considering where the operating system is ending up.

I did cover the new features here back when it was first previewed, so I will just pass you over there to read that.