by Mordy Golding

I do enough traveling to have been named a Road Warrior by American Way Magazine, back in 2006. I'm also Jewish (Orthodox) and eat kosher. Put the two together and the result is me usually trying to figure out where I can grab a bite to eat as I travel the world. There's a great kosher restaurant database that you can find and search through at, but the folks at Rusty Brick have created an app called Kosher which taps into the power of your iPhone.

The Kosher app is actually linked to the database, so the listings are current, and when you launch the Kosher app, it connects to the database to update all listings. In the Kosher app, you can choose to either search for a specific restaurant, or my favorite feature — click the Find Near Me button. After detecting your GPS location, the Kosher app will list any kosher restaurants or food establishments in your vicinity. You'll get exact distances from where you are, basic information such as kosher certification (hashgacha), price, and even rating and comments from other travelers. With a single click you can call the restaurant or get a location and directions with Google maps.