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Terry is the co-author of The Best Selling "The iPhone Book" 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th editions. He has been active in the industry for over 25 years and is the founder and president of MacGroup-Detroit, Inc., Michigan's largest Macintosh Users Group, host of the Adobe Creative Suite Podcast and a technology writer - Terry White Tech Blog.

Google Releases a Stand Alone YouTube App for iPhone

It’s no secret that Apple has been distancing itself from Google lately. I’m sure it has much to do with the whole Android thing. In iOS 6 Apple ditches Google Maps in favor of their own new Maps App complete with voice turn-by-turn directions (finally). One other thing that Apple has omitted in the upcoming iOS 6 is the built-in YouTube App. That’s right, the App is just gone! For many this wouldn’t have been too big a deal because the YouTube Mobile Web version was/is pretty good and in some ways even better than the original built-in App. The original App hadn’t received much of an update since 2007.

Google rolls out a new YouTube App

Not waiting for iOS 6 to be released, Google has already released a NEW YouTube stand alone App for iOS. You get the things you would expect from a native App

  • Sign in to your YouTube account to access your playlists, uploads, favorites, subscriptions, etc.
  • Read, respond to comments
  • Search
  • Easy video sharing to Google+, email, Facebook & Twitter
I find the App to be faster (at least it feels faster) than the native App. I also like the updated UI. However, in typical Google fashion they haven’t released an iPad native version yet. Sigh… Google, Is it really that hard to make a Universal App? Your Google+ App is beautiful! Let’s get some iPad love for this one.
If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and you plan on upgrading to iOS 6 or you just want a better YouTube experience than the one you get with the built-in App, then don’t hesitate to download this new App now. Another plus is that Google will no longer have to wait for Apple to update iOS in order to update their YouTube App.


Documents To Go® Premium - View & edit Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), view PDF, including cloud file access & desktop sync

10 Must Have iPad Apps For Business

The more I use my iPad and iPhone the less I use my computer. That’s not a good or bad thing, it’s just an observation. Many of the Apps out there in 2012 can do just about everything that I need to do and that I used to rely on my computer to do. I love having the flexibility of just carrying my iPad and getting lots of work done. So here in no particular order are 10 Must Have iPad Apps for Business that I rely on most.


Invoice2go is my top pick for creating custom invoices right on your iPad. You can even set it up with a PayPal pay button so that when you email the invoice they can click the button to pay. Otherwise you just send a PDF. The App handles all the calculations and lets you know who has paid and who hasn’t.


FileMaker Go

I have used FileMaker Pro as my database manager for years. I have a database that I use all the time running on my Mac server at home. With FileMaker Go I can access that database, add, edit, delete records and of course look up information.



OK, you got me! This is not an iPad app. However, it’s so important to me that I had to list it here. When people hand me business cards I don’t want to have to enter them in manually to my contacts. While there are apps out there that will OCR the card and convert it to text, none are perfect. CardMuch uploads the picture of the card that you take and a human verifies all the data and sends it down back to App. Now you know the data is 100% correct.


Scanner Pro

I used to rely heavily on a document scanner on my desk and while I still use it when I’m in my office, I use Scanner Pro whenever I’m on the go. Just take a picture of the document and Scanner Pro will straighten it out so that it appears like a flat scanned document as well as save it to a PDF and send it to the cloud or via email.


PDF Expert

Hands down PDF Expert is my favorite overall PDF manager complete with PDF forms support, markup, highlighting, bookmarks and more. It also has cloud support for syncing with services like Dropbox. I use it store all of my manuals.


Documents To Go Premium

If you’re looking for an App to create/edit your Office files such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, Documents to Go Premium is one to have. It also integrates directly with your Outlook email and picks up attachments directly. I don’t do a lot with Office docs but when I do have to work with them I know that Documents to Go Premium is up to the task.


Contract Maker Elite

Above I talked about Invoice2go for creating custom invoices. Contract Maker Elite allows me to create all my other custom forms complete with photo fields and signature fields. If you want to create a custom contract, proposal, agreement or other document that your client will sign, this one has the most options and customization fields.



I use Apple’s Keynote on the desktop when I need to do a slide presentation. There’s no better way to take those presentations mobile than with Keynote for iPad. Keynote supports many of the same transitions as the desktop version and you can now use iCloud to view and edit the presentations wirelessly. You can connect your iPad to the projector directly or use AirPlay and an Apple TV to present.


Square Register

I don’t take a ton of credit card payments. Therefore I don’t want to have to pay a monthly fee. Square has been my savior for a couple of years now and their new Square Register App turns your iPad into an elegant point of sale solution. You can setup your products as buttons and with the Square Adapter  you can swipe credit cards and charge your clients directly. The money is automatically transferred to your bank account the next business day. I LOVE SQUARE!


Advanced Percentage Calculator

I struggle with percentages. I always have. If you want to figure out what a 25% discount off of $815.00 is, look no further. Advanced Percentage Calculator was designed for people like me. It has buttons for “%of”, “out of”, “Add %”, and “Deduct %” This takes the guess work out of percentages for me. You can customize the skins, and use it as a standard Arithmetic calculator too.


Bonus – Keyboard

Since were talking about business, you are probably going to be doing more than just a little text entry. I was never a fan of any of the keyboard solutions out there for iPad until I saw the Logitech UltraThin Keyboard Smart Cover. It’s now on my iPad 99% of the time because it’s so integrated. Some of you are morally opposed to using a keyboard with an iPad. I hear ya, but don’t knock this one until you’ve tried it.
Get the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover here.


Also my Stylus of choice is…

While it’s nice that your clients can sign your contracts and PDFs with their finger, they will be much more comfortable with something that feels like a pen. So I prefer this stylus for my overall use and this less expensive one for having people sign.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Apps From My “Using An iPad in a Digital Photography Workflow” Class

I’m about to head into my session at Photoshop World Vegas 2012 on “Using the iPad in a Digital Photography Workflow”. As with most things the iPad and Digital Photography Apps are fast moving and get updates all the time. So I figured I would list the Apps I recommend and will show in the class here so that attendees not only see my recommendations from the workbook, but also the newer ones I’m using that didn’t make it into the workbook. In no particular order here they are:

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Version 1.3 brings the Retina Display support and high resolution file support that you’ve been asking for:

  • Retina Display Support: See your images like never before with the Retina display on the new iPad.
  • Higher resolution capabilities: Work on high-resolution images while maintaining the highest image quality. Supports images up to 12 megapixels.
  • Two new languages: Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Two new Effects: Shred and Colorize
  • Smoother animation and scrolling in the organizer, tutorial browser, and file picker
  • New gesture to toggle 100% view and fit screen (three-finger tap)
  • New pixel nudging mode for precise movements
  • Support for Apple Photo Stream
  • Various bug fixes



Easy Release

My model release App of choice for both iPad and iPhone.



Contract Maker Elite

I use Contract Maker Elite for my other contract such as my Print Release. It’s the most customizable App that I know of and basically lets you create a contract with virtually as many fields, popups, images, signatures as you need.




I use Sylights for making Lighting Diagrams on my iPad and sharing them with others.




Every time I show shooting with my Nikon D7000 and the EyeFi Mobile Pro X2 Card wirelessly to my iPad, someone always ask which App is that. It’s called ShutterSnitch. I use it both with the Eye-Fi Card and the Nikon WT-5a module on my Nikon D4. Sure Eye-Fi has their own Free App, but it’s just not as functional as ShutterSnitch.




It’s the closest thing to having the Lightroom Library Module on your iPad. Import, manage, organize, rate and then sync to Lightroom.



Adobe Revel

Adobe Revel is a cloud service that lets you sync your photos between all your Macs and iOS devices. I now use the iPad app as my portfolio app as it works directly with Lightroom 4.




PosePad let’s you create a visual shot list containing images of poses that you want to remember to capture during your next shoot.



DSLR Remote HD

Although there is no way to directly connect your camera to your iPad to shoot tethered, DSLR Remote HD let’s you do it with a computer in the middle. You connect your compatible DSLR to your laptop via a USB cable and then you can remotely control it wirelessly with your iPad. See your Live View, make setting adjustments, and fire the shutter. See your recently captured images right on your iPad and share them.




I use PhotoSync on a regular basis to wirelessly transfer images from my iPad to my computer or from iOS device to iOS device.


Photo Shoot List

Creating a Photo Shoot List

Nothing is more frustrating than returning from a shoot only to realize that you forgot to get one or more of the shots that you had envisioned before doing the shoot. The model has gone home or you’ve left the scene and it’s really too late to get that shot! This is why having a shot list before doing your shoot is key. I tend to get into the shoot while I’m shooting and focusing on making sure I got the right equipment settings or lighting just right. I have been guilty of forgetting to get one or more of the actual shots that I had conceived before the shoot.

With Photo Shoot List You Won’t Forget To Get The Shot

Photo Shoot List lets you do the obvious. It lets you create a list of the shots that you’d like to get and check them off as you take them. However, it goes a few steps beyond the basics. First of all it allows you to attach a photo to each shot on your list. This way you refresh your memory with not only the shot in text form, but an example of the shot or pose that you’re looking to get. You can create multiple lists and you can even setup templates. For example, let’s say you’re the occasional wedding shooter. I don’t shoot weddings very often, but If and when I do I’d definitely need a shot list so that I wouldn’t forget to get those classic shots. With a “wedding template” I could just pull in all the shots from a previous Wedding list to remind me of which ones I need to get. There’s even an In App purchase option to buy additional templates. As of the initial release there is a “San Francisco” and “Pinup” list. These of course are optional and you can build your own templates.

Good, but could be better

This App is off to a great start, but I’d like to see a few more options. While it does work as advertised, I’d like to see an iPad native version. I’d also like to see a way to sync lists between multiple devices and perhaps a way to share lists with others to create a kind of community aspect. Lastly and perhaps in a 2.0 version I’d like to see an equipment tie in. Not only what shots to remember to take, but also what gear to remember to take to get those shots. You can do this in the notes, but I’d like to see a more formal way of selecting gear from a gear list that I store in the app. Other than my wanting more, this is a good app and works well.




Ticketmaster on iPhone

Let’s face it. Buying concert and event tickets can really make you feel like you’re being ripped off at times. Gone are the days where people would camp out in front of the box office window the night or days before tickets go on sale to get the 1st or best seats. Back in those days you were pretty much just making sure that you got a good seat. The price was the price. Today there are multiple online sources to get tickets and the price is not “the price.” The price is what you’re willing to pay to sit where you want to sit on the day you want to go. Yep, it’s a racket! Ticketmaster is often a go to place for event tickets and they tend to be pretty reliable in letting you buy good seats and “reasonable” prices.

The Tickemaster app has recently been updated to let you not only search for events around you, but in other areas you’re thinking about going to or will be visiting. Prior to this update the App wasn’t very useful in my opinion. Now when you find an event you can see the ticket prices and buy your tickets right in the Appl You can also get push notifications for sales and last minute ticket availability. I think that’s probably one of the best features of a “mobile app”. We’re not always in front of our computers. So when an App can alert you to something that you would otherwise have missed by the time you got back to your computer, it’s a good thing. The app also offers suggestions after a quick scan of your music library to see which artists you like.

The Bottom Line

This update is definitely an improvement, but it could still use some work. For example, it would be nice to be able to save multiple cities as “Favorites” to be alerted for events going on in those cities. When I went through the process to buy tickets it prompted me for the captcha like picture where you type the letters numbers you see in the picture. Of course this can be a pain in the but on a mobile keyboard and I have to guess that there’s an easier way to detect if you’re a human or not coming in from their own App. The Ticketmaster App is Free and if you like concerts and other events there is no reason not to have it. You can use it to check prices and buy tickets. Best of all you get alerts.


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