behance_iPhone5-b is the largest online creative community with well over 1 million members. While I’m a member of several different photography sites to showcase my photography, Behance isn’t just focused on photography. It’s about all types of creative projects. It’s free to join. Once you join you can post projects that are a work in progress or completed. You can get inspiration from the over one million other creatives as well as get feedback on your own projects. There’s an iPhone App for Behance. With the Behance App you can follow the comments on your work. See the activity of the people you follow as well as post new work directly from your iPhone. You can also use the app to “Appreciate” the work of others and leave comment. Since Behance isn’t just limited to photography you can post your audio and video projects too. If you have an Adobe ID you can setup your account by just signing in with that. Once you’re signed in/signed up, download the iPhone app and away you go interacting with your Behance community.

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Your Behance Prosite Portfolio on your iPad or iPhone

While is free to use, there is an option for “Prosite”. If you’re a Prosite member (included in your Adobe Creative Cloud membership) you can create a customized professional portfolio using any of your Behance Projects. You can completely customize the look and feel of your Prosite portfolio. Once your Prosite portfolio is built you can take it with you on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Just download the free Creative Portfolio App and sign in. Your Prosite projects will sync to your iOS device. This means that you can even show off your Portfolio if you’re offline. You can even show your work wirelessly on an Apple TV via Airplay. If you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud member head over to log in and get your Portfolio started. Then simply download the Creative Portfolio app and enjoy showing off your Prosite Behance projects right from your iPhone or iPad.


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