When the iPad came out there were a few Apps that Apple didn't port over. For example, on the iPhone and iPod touch you have a built-in Weather App, Stocks App and a Calculator. For whatever reason Apple chose to leave those Apps off the iPad and needless to say 3rd party developers didn't waste any time filling the void. There are several weather apps for the iPad. There are also several calculator Apps available. I've gone through three so far. Keep in mind that there hasn't been much in terms of revolutionary features of a calculator in the last 20 years. They do what they do. So why go through three of them? Since they all pretty much do the same basic things, I'm looking for aesthetics and bells and whistles that go over the top. I liked my first two because they filled the screen. The second one I tried had a multiple skins that you could choose from depending your color choices and lighting conditions. 

Why I like Calculator HD for iPad

I like this one because you can not only configure which calculator you get in portrait and landscape orientations (basic, scientific, basic with tape, etc.), but you also get the added benefit of a electronic "paper" tape. When adding a list of numbers an on screen tape is a handy way to know that you didn't miss anything. While there's also a Note Pad mode that puts a scratch pad to your right, I probably wont' use that feature much. It's nice to have though. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to have the calculator fill the screen. There is a lot of fluff around the edges with pretty pictures and while I do appreciate pretty pictures that space could be used to make the whole thing bigger (as the other calculators I have do) and therefore making the buttons easier to press and the display easier to read. Don't get me wrong, the current interface certainly isn't small, but it could be bigger is all I'm sayin'. 

You can get Calculator HD for iPad here from the Calculator HD for iPad - CrowdCafé