Camera+There is no shortage of photo editing applications for the iPhone and we have sure reviewed plenty of apps before here on BestAppSite.

This app, Camera+ is a new one, made by tap tap tap who are known to make some quality applications and behind the apps effect, is photographer Lisa Bettany.

User Interface Design

Camera+ is an application that has been thoroughly designed and because of that has a gorgeous interface. Graphics are crisp and good looking and looks even more beautiful on the iPhone 4 on the retina display.

Overall, it is a nicely laid out app, that is easy to use both for taking photos and editing them (more on that next).

iFitness (subject to note at the end of the review)

Taking photos

You can use the app to take photos which may give you some added benefits compared to doing it beforehand in the camera app.

Firstly, it has the obvious support for tap to focus as well as the digital zoom and on the iPhone 4 the flash and camera switcher. Secondly, the special feature, is a stabilizer mode.

By activating the stabilizer (done by tapping a button right text to the take photo button), you get sort of a software approach to image stabilization. Doing stabilization properly will require some form of hardware change but here they have solved it by using the accelerometer (at least that is what I imagine they have done) and detecting the motion.

When you press the “take photo button” and are holding the iPhone still, it will begin to go from a red indicator, down to yellow and then green. When it reaches green it will simply take the photo.

Camera+: Taking Photos

Editing photos

One downside of Camera+ is that to edit a photo you took in the Camera app on the phone, you need to import it into the app. The process is really simple, just tapping a button in the lightbox mode and brining up your image, however still adds a step between just taking a photo and editing.

Speaking of another step, you will need to save the image as well from the lightbox mode, back to the camera roll, where it will appear as a new photo.

The saving is actually a big benefit of Camera+ and I cannot make up my mind if the adding is as well. The fact that you can have multiple photos in the lightbox view and go back and forth between them without physically saving it out to the camera roll must be a plus in my book.

Camera+: Lightbox

Editing Effects

Competition for your money is fierce on the AppStore and therefore the effects might well settle if a photo application is worth it or not.

As I mentioned right up in the start, this part of the app has been developed together with talented photographer, Lisa Bettany, and I would say that it performs rather well.

What you can do in the app is divided into four different sections. Scenes Crops, Effects and Borders.

Scenes is what you should consider as basic editing. You need to remember that you do not have any manual control over the effects but what you do get is the preset that you can just tap and use, so you may need to play around a lot on any given photo to get the result you want. It is not done super fast until you begin to get an eye for the different scenes.

The other sections are well filled with what you need. Different types of crops (including freehand), many different types of effects, an area which is a strong part of the app. If you like to apply effects, I think Camera+ is definitely for you. The border area also offers you a few, good-looking borders.

Camera+: Effects


Camera+ is an app that does many things in a good way. I find that I do not use it a whole lot to take photos in every-day situations, however when it comes to low-light or times when I am not as steady (but need to be), I will open Camera+ to help me take the shot.

For editing, I used this earlier this summer on vacation. I like that I can just visually tap and choose the effects, not having to worry about the settings. Part of me however, wants more control, the ability to tap open an advanced tap and do edits manually (for that I use the Photoshop Express app). 

Recommending Camera+ is still easy for me to do. It is a very full-featured app and if you like effects and being able to apply presets, visually and with ease, I am sure that you will not be disappointed with this app.

At the time this review goes live, Camera+ is pulled from the AppStore because of a secret feature that enabled the volume control buttons to be used as buttons to take a photo. Hopefully the app will be available shortly again in the store.