I have a confession to make. It’s about my obsession with iPhones, and how it all began. It all started with a burrito, more, my obsession with Chipotle burritos. You see I frequent Chipotle at least once a week, if not more. I go there so much that I have won 10 free burritos (at a time) no less than 6 times in the last year by dropping my business card in their “fish bowl”. Like any obsession I always look for ways to make my experience better, faster, smoother. Enter the Chipotle Ordering App. This App is THE reason I lusted after the iPhone (at first), and was the first App I downloaded before I left the AT&T store. Before my iPhone I had a Blackberry and no matter how many emails I sent, Chipotle was not planning on investing the time or effort into a Blackberry App so there was only one thing to do… Get an iPhone. All of that to say this; The Chipotle App is awesome! It makes ordering quick, and easy, and the food is ready when I get there.

Online ordering isn’t anything new. There are tons of restaurants out there that allow to-go ordering online (although most are pizza joints), but Chipotle added some really nice touches to this App to make it really great to use. Ordering is simple and intuitive. The App allows you to specify your pickup location either by entering the address or by letting it use your location and showing you the closest locations. Then you choose your “main course” first, be it a burrito, a bowl, salad, or tacos. You go on to add main ingredients, salsas, and so on. What makes it really nice is at the end of the ordering of your main item, you can assign a name to it. So for example if you are ordering for you and your family, they will write each person’s name on their particular item to help identify it when you get the order home. You can also add tortilla chips to go along with your meal, as well as a drink (although you can’t order an “adult beverage” through the App, you can certainly order them when you arrive). There is a running tally in the top corner of what’s in your “bag” so you can make sure that everyone is accounted for. The App gives you the option of placing the order immediately or scheduling it for a later time. Everything you would want from an App like this. There is one thing that really makes it a Best App for me (besides my Chipotle obsession). There is an option to save your favorite orders for future ordering. So if you order the same thing every time (like me) you can quickly load that order only needing to choose your pickup location, and the order time. For me it makes ordering 20-30 seconds instead of a few minutes.
They have really nailed it with this App. Normally I find things that can be improved upon, or items that I would like to see added, but with this App I can’t find a single thing that I would change or add. It does absolutely everything that I want, and does it well. If you’re a Chipotle fan, you need to stop by the App store and pick it up for your iPhone.

You can get the Chipotle ordering App for Free here from the  iTunes