Have you ever wondered how your cell phone carrier compares to the other competing carriers? Maybe you’re thinking about switching carriers and wonder how the competition stacks up before you make that change. With Carrier Compare you can compare AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint (the three carriers of the iPhone) and rates them according to their service.


How it Works

Carrier Compare uses your current location to check your carrier against the competitors. The only kicker is that the data is crowdsourced. This means that other users, from other carriers have to be using this App to get accurate numbers about how your carrier rates against the competition. The more people use this App, the better the comparisons will be. The good news is that even if you were the only person using this App (trust me you’re not) the data that you get about your carrier is really helpful and thorough.

The App measures three areas. First is response time. Here, the lower the number the better. From my image above you can see that AT&T responded in 71miliseconds. This number represents the time it takes the carrier to respond back when you initiate contact with them. This is very important when performing data transfers and surfing the web. The lower the number, the “snappier” your phone feels.

The second area that is measured in Carrier Compare is Signal. This is a representation of what kind of signal strength you have. Here, the higher the number the better. The strength is measured in a percentage. For an example my signal strength above was 53%. This would translate to roughly 2 1/2 to 3 bars on my phone. Obviously the numeric representation is a much more accurate way of reading/defining the signal strength.

The Third and last category Carrier compare measures is Speed. This is your download speed. The higher the number the better. Here, you can see that I was downloading at a speed of 2.22Mbs per second. This is about the limit of 3G so I was downloading pretty quickly.

Once your speed test is done, you get a comparison to other local carriers in a graphical display. The best carrier in the area will be listed on top. Under that will be second place, and the bottom is reserved for third place.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve ever wondered about your phone’s actual speed, or if you are curious about the speed of your current service compared to others, Compare Carrier is for you.


You can get Carrier Compare from the iTunes store for Free here:   iTunes