While Apple does a pretty good job in allowing you to setup your Google GMail account on your iOS Device very easily, the one glaring omission is bringing your Google Contacts over. (granted there is a work around in that you can setup your Google account using the Exchange setup) I recently had two different friends that switched to the iPhone from either Android or Blackberry devices and their first question to me was, "How do I get my Google Contacts over?" In one case it was easy enough to do via a Blackberry to Google App and then syncing those contacts to their Address Book onto their Mac and then of course to their iPhone. However, in the other case my friend doesn't own a computer. Their iOS devices are their only computing devices. This is where the Contact Sync for Google GMail App came in and worked perfectly. In iOS you setup a GMail account natively in the OS, but when it comes to your contacts there is no built-in way to bring them over (still scratching my head on that one). Contact Sync for Google GMail is an App that you install on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and then simply sign in to your Google Account with it. This will bring your contacts over into the native Contacts app and make them accessible to iCloud as well.

Sync in either direction or both

The great thing about this App is that you can either use it as a one-time sync or you can use it as an ongoing way of keeping your iOS device contacts in sync with your Google Contacts. While I do have a computer and only use Google Contacts for Google Voice, I love the option of a ONEWAY sync from my Contact to Google. Mac OS X offers a native Address Book to Google "sync", but I've had it screw up one too many times to the point that I turned it off.  Having a oneway option means that my iOS Contacts will always be the master set and only update Google when I choose to. After turning my friend on to this App I decided to try it myself. I was floored by how fast it did the sync of my 1400+ contacts. It did everything PERFECTLY. It brought over the groups, names, numbers, addresses, birthdays, and even the contact photos. I'm extremely happy with the performance.

There's nothing else to say! If you need to sync your iOS Contacts to Google or your Google Contacts to iOS or both, this is the Best App!

You can get Contact Sync for Google GMail for $2.99 here from the iTunes