Every now and then I come across an App that seems to good to be true. Cycloramic is PURE GENIUS. This App uses vibrations to rotate your iPhone while recording video so that you get a 360° view. I just could not believe that it would work as well as it did. I downloaded the App, took my iPhone 5 out its case and stood it up on the coffee table. I tapped GO and to my amazement the iPhone started rotating counter clockwise while shooting video. It stopped in the same spot that it started in and there was my video in the Camera Roll ready to go. While it claims to work with any iPhone from the 3GS to the iPhone 5 the main thing that you’re going to need is an iPhone that can stand up without falling. I’m not sure how that would be possible with a 3GS? Nonetheless it worked great on my iPhone 5. Rather than take my word for it I recorded two videos:

The 1st video is the one that Cycloramic took

The 2nd video is one that I took with iPad mini so that you can see the iPhone 5 rotating as it was shooting the video above


If one turn is not enough you can set it for 720° (2 turns) or 1080° (3 turns)

The Bottom Line

This may not be an App that you’ll use every day, but hands down it’s one of the Best Apps of 2012. It shows how developers can think outside the box and using features of the iPhone in ways other than they were initially intended. Look forward to our Best of 2012 list coming soon.

Cycloramic - Egos Ventures