Dropbox Just Increased Your Space!

This isn’t an update to the Dropbox App, but it effects the App and it’s just way too good to not mention! Traditionally Dropbox (the free cloud storage service) provided 2GB of free storage space to anyone that wanted to sign up for a free account. Users could earn additional free storage space by referring friends to the service with a customized link (found on your Dropbox webpage under “Get free space”). For each person that was referred, an additional 250MB of space was awarded to the referrer’s account. Some months ago Dropbox was testing out their new auto photo uploading feature and upped the awarded space to 500MB per referral IF you used the auto photo upload feature. Now to the good part. A couple of days ago Dropbox changed their policy and is now awarding 1GB of FREE space for referrals with no requirements (just like it was originally)!!! The absolute best part, is that they’re “backpaying” everyone for referrals from the past. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase in your storage space, this is why. Drop box is an integral part of my workflow both photographically and just for data storage of important documents. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, there is no better time than now to sign up for a free one here.  If you don’t know how you would use Dropbox check out Terry’s 5 Ways To Take Advantage of Dropbox here. 

Where to check for your Dropbox allocated space



My buddy David brought it to my attention that the 1GB referral reward is for people with PRO accounts (meaning that you paid for the upgraded space), however after looking into it a little more, they have changed their policy for free users as well. The 500MB reward for referring people used to be only if you were using the auto upload pictures feature. Now it’s  500MB no matter if you’re using that feature or not. Dropbox didn’t spell any of this out in the notifications that they sent out and David had to dive into the help section to find this info. Sorry for the confusion. This is still a great change all of the way around for everyone though! More free space no matter if you’re a free or pro user!



You can get Dropbox for your iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes

You can get Dropbox for your iPad from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes