EventbriteFrom time to time I host events that require registration, both for online events but also for in-person events. Instead of handling all this myself I have started to use an online service called Eventbrite. Since this is BestAppSite, I am not going to have a look at the service, but instead review their iPhone app which can be used as a help in checking people in at the doors.

This application integrates right into your Eventbrite account and is dependent on the information that you enter on there. When you launch the app you are presented with a list of your events that you can tap into (literally) and see the stats or start checking in people.

Since it syncs up to your account online, the information about which people you are checking in will be posted up there and by enabling their auto-sync feature, the app will be usable together with many iPhones at a multi-door event.

When it comes to checking in people, you can show the people in a list and tick off each person as they get there. This feature is great for smaller events. If you are putting on something bigger, the 2D barcodes that can be put onto the person’s ticket will help you check in people faster. Just use the built-in camera of the iPhone to scan the code and the person is checked in.

While the app does a very solid job at checking people in to a venue, I would like to see more options for editing your events, adding new attendees and managing everything from the app, compared to now being just a check-in app. As the world is becoming increasingly mobile, it is a shame that I must visit their website to change settings for my event. At least let me add or remove attendees from the app as a first step!

If you are using Eventbrite you should definitely download the app, seeing as it is free. The service itself (Eventbrite) is free for free events. For paid events, they take a slight cut out of each ticket as a processing fee.

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