As good as iOS devices are there is one thing that users have been asking for for a while now and that is to have more information available without having to launch an App or unlock the device. This is one thing that Apple could learn/steal from other smart phones. When you wake up an iOS device you get the current time, battery level, date, and wireless status and that's it. Although the device can provide you with more information you have to actually go in and launch an app to see it. Or you have to rely on push notifications and even then you're only going to see the last one displayed first. 

Fahrenheit has a nice trick up its sleeve

I don't really use the built-in iPhone weather app. It's buried in one my folders somewhere. I use other weather Apps that give me more info. Up until now I've been happy with the one I was I using, but I think I may have found a new contender. Fahrenheit has a beautiful look and feel as well as one thing that I haven't seen anyone else do yet. They use Push Notification and the icon Badge feature to display the current temperature. Slick! It's a little thing, but it's one of those things that will earn it a place on my home screen. When you launch the App for the 1st time you'll get the usual requests for permission to use your location and to send you push notifications. Once you agree to both of those popups your current local weather will be displayed. When you close the App the icon will continue to display the current temperature and update itself. While that would have been enough to get my 99¢ I found the app to have just about every other weather feature I would want or use on a regular basis. You get forecasts, weather maps, the ability to add multiple locations/cities, etc. It's also one of the best looking Apps too. You can brag about your current weather to your Twitter followers and/or Facebook friends right from within the App. A very nice job and it solves  the "I wonder what the temperature is?" at a glance.

While the App does what it says, I'd like to see an option to automatically update the icon based on your current location. The way it works now you have to manually set the location that you want the icon to use. Also when adding new locations I don't see a way to use your current location to simply add another city. You can easily type the city, but it would be nice to just tap a "Location" icon to use location services.

You can get Fahrenheit for $0.99 here from the iTunes

You can get the Celsius Version here iTunes