Although I really like the features of iOS 4, I'm not liking the fact that the customizable double-tap-the-Home-button feature was replaced with the double tap the Home button to access multitasking. In the previous iOS 3.x you could customize what you wanted the Home button double tap feature to bring up. For me it was my Phone Favorites. For others it was the Camera, Search, iPod, etc.  If you have a multitasking capable iDevice running iOS 4 you no longer have a choice. Double tapping the Home button brings up the multitasking bar PERIOD. So how do you quickly access you phone favorites (after all the iPhone is a phone!)? Now you're back to having to first launch the Phone App and then tap Favorites. On the plus side, I'm finding that Voice Control works MUCH MUCH MUCH better for me in iOS 4 on my iPhone 4, but I sill would like a faster way to get to phone Favorites.

Favorites steps in to save the day

I actually bought this App months ago, but didn't really use it. Then I saw that it was one of my Apps about to be updated and I checked out the new features and of course it was updated with iOS 4 compatibility. I gave it another look and wondered if it would be a good replacement for the missing functionality that iOS 4 took away. The good news is that it is! Favorites is an App and therefore it can be put on the dock. That in and of itself gives me a one tap to access Favorites no matter which Home screen I happen to be on. You can easily add your "favorite" contacts to the screen from your Contacts list and pick the default number for each contact that you want the App to use. Once you tap a contact, that default number will be dialed. If you want to access other function such as sending an SMS to that person or an email, then just double tap the person's icon to get more choices. So in a way this is actually faster and more powerful than the built-in Favorites feature. Since it's iOS 4 aware it supports Fast App Switching as well as appearing on the multitasking bar right where you left off. The other obvious advantage is that it's VISUAL. You dial someone by their picture, not their name. Being a very visual person, I visualize the person I want to talk with, not how their name looks. So this is great for me. Although I do hope that Apple gives us back control over the Home button, this will work out quite nicely in the meantime and it has earned a permanent spot on my iPhone 4's dock!


You can get Favorites here from the Favorites