Believe it or not there are at least a couple dozen flashlight apps for iOS. You would think that there’s not a lot to innovate in this area and you’d be right. The main purpose for a flashlight app is to either turn your iPhone’s LED light so that you can use it as an actual flashlight or to turn the screen on full bright and white for the same purpose. Sure some of these apps offer features like strobes, different color displays on screen, and S.O.S. Morse Code flashing. However, for me the main thing I’m looking for is SPEED! When I pull out my iPhone to use it as a flashlight that usually means I’m in the dark and I want light as fast as possible. I want the App that has the fastest start up time and LED on.

Flashlight+ has what I want

With Flashlight+ the App starts up instantly and turns on your iPhone’s LED light. It’s the fastest one I’ve seen so far. The app offers a good user interface with a nice big on/off button (although I don’t need it, just quit the app), as well as a strobe and S.O.S. feature. That’s pretty much all I need! While I haven’t tired all of the flashlight apps, Flashlight+ is now my new favorite and “best app” from the handful I have used. It now takes advantage of iOS 6 and the 4″ display of the new iPhone 5 and 5th gen iPod touch.