I’m a Flickr user. I usually upload at least one image from every shoot to my Flickr account; most of the time it’s for the hosting so that I can put the images on my blog or some other online location for sharing. When I got my iPad (and then later my iPhone) I immediately went looking for an application to access and use Flickr, what I found was something a whole lot better!

FlickStackr has changed the way I use Flickr. It allows me to do almost everything that I want to do on Flickr, and it’s a universal binary so it works on both the iPad and iPhone.


There are so many things that you can do inside of FlickStackr. Just like on the Flickr site you can view recent activity, recent images from your contacts, your photo stream, your collections, sets, favorites, contacts, groups, and profile. These are all things that I would expect from a Flickr application. I probably wouldn’t even consider a Flickr app if it didn’t do these basic things. When viewing photos in any of these screens you have the option of thumbnail, as well as list view. I prefer the thumbnail view for most of my viewing because it allows for viewing of more images at once and I can skim through to see if anything catches my eye, or to find the particular image that I’m looking for. The list view is great if you want to see the thumbnail as well as who took the picture. Of course you can upload images from your iPad just as you would expect with any Flickr application and add them to sets, or make a new set when you upload.

New Stuff

Something that you get in FlickStackr that you don’t get anywhere else is the Stack. The Stack is similar to your favorites in that it is a saved collection of images that you have “liked” or would like to come back and view at a later time. The difference with the Stack though is that it works whether you’re online or not. You can save images to your Stack and view them at any later time without having an internet connection. I love this feature! The reason I love it so much is because as photographer, I’m always searching images on Flickr looking for inspiration. Whether it’s a pose I like, a lighting setup, or maybe a theme, I like to be able to save these images to come back to later to reference or be inspired all over again. The stack lets me do this no matter if I’m online or not.
Stuff that needs to be added

In the past few months of using Flickstackr I haven’t seen any real apparent bugs that need to be worked out. Everything pretty much functions just as it says it will. I would however like to see some things added. I would like the ability to add images to my group pools like I can on the actual Flickr page. I am an admin for a few groups so I’m always updating content, and sharing images. The ability to do this is really important to me, so I’m hoping to see this in an update. While we’re talking about groups, I would also like to be able to access the group discussions from inside the app. This is a little thing, but again, it’s important to me. These may seem like small requests but they would help make the Flickr experience complete on the iPad for me. For $1.99 it’s inexpensive and fits into anyone’s budget. This is a must have app for anyone who uses Flickr and wants to frequent it on the iPad.

You can get it here from the FlickStackr