I travel for a living and therefore my travel apps are now a way of life. I depend on them to keep me updated with last minute changes or cancellations. I also depend on TripIt.com to keep all of my itineraries straight. While I do use FlightTrack Pro as my primary flight tracking App of choice, I thought I’d give Flight+ a shot since the price was low and the interface looked intriguing. Flight+ meets my first requirement in that it can pull your flights in from your FREE TripIt.com account. Without that feature it would have been D.O.A. Once I logged in and approved the App on my TripIt account, all my upcoming flights were there to bring into Flight+. If you don’t have a TripIt account (although I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), you can enter flights manually. This is also useful when you want to track someone else’s flight, say a relative or friend that’s coming to town. Flight+ offers a ton of information. Sure it offers the flight info and will send push notifications of delays, but it also offers info about the plane, the seat map, the airport, the weather, terminal maps, flight paths, calendar syncing, a flight board of all the flights of a particular airline and more.

Sounds great, but what’s missing?

While Flight+ is a solid App there are a couple of glaring omissions. First of all the “+” in Flight+ doesn’t mean that it’s a Universal App. There’s currently no native iPad version and that alone will keep it from being my default app. While it does have TripIt support and my flights did “Import” I can’t tell if it will automatically “sync” future reservations. There’s an Import button that when tapped brings up your TripIt list of flights. While it’s nice being able to choose which ones come in, I’d definitely want to have the option to automatically sync like FlightTrack Pro does.

The Bottom Line

For the casual to frequent air traveler there is simply NO REASON not to get Flight+! The $2.99 asking price is great for the features that it provides. Flight+ also has a slick, refreshing interface that’s easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. However, for the professional traveler you might still want to stick with or go with FlightTrack Pro. It’s more money, but offers a few more bells and whistles including being a Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.