As a Diamond Medallion, Million Miler with Delta I use the Fly Delta App quite a bit. While the App has continued to improve over the years, it was still missing key features like being able to manage your Skymiles account and surprisingly not being able to actually buy a ticket in the App. Needless to say I was more than just a little excited to see the Delta App featured in the Apple iOS 6 announcement by showcasing an upcoming version with Passbook support.

Once iOS 6 shipped back in September we began seeing a regular stream of updates to our favorite Apps that offered iOS 6 support, iPhone 5 display size support, and in some cases Passbook support where appropriate. Now I’ll be the first to be a little forgiving to developers that run into development issues that are unforeseen and therefore cause delays in shipping their app. I work for a developer and I see it all the time. Also my own Learn the Creative Suite App hasn’t been updated yet for iPhone 5 screen size by my developers.  I figured that the developers of the Fly Delta App were taking a little more time to give us a really kick butt update! Granted it might take a while, but it would probably be worth the wait.

Delta made things worse by breaking their existing App

When a new computer or operating system is released, I always joke with the people that get so excited or up in arms that just because something new has come out, that it doesn’t make the thing you’ve been happily using all of a sudden stop working. While I would have loved an updated Fly Delta App with Passbook support, the existing App was working just fine as it always has. Well that was until Delta decided that it was time to update their website. Not only did it get a design refresh, it also got a security/login update. If you go to and log in with your existing account you will be prompted to create a new “password” instead of the 4 digit pin that had been in place. If you create a new Skymiles account, you won’t have a choice, you’ll have to crate a new alpha-numeric password. No problem right? It’s more secure! That’s all fine and good, except that the Fly Delta App only accepts 4 digit pins. This means that anyone that updates their password, will no longer be able to log into the existing App. No more boarding passes period. No more itineraries. You’d have to go back to using the Mobile Website.

An Update Finally Arrived, but….

I’ve been checking my iPhone for updates every day, multiple times a day in anticipation of this update. I was hoping to see it before I finished traveling for the year. Then all of a sudden, there it was. Finally it was an update to the Fly Delta App that I was sure that at a minimum would fix the login issue and hopefully have the other features we’ve been waiting for too. I was sadly disappointed. It was merely an update that “Added a link to the Delta privacy policy”. REALLY? Delta, after all this time, you submit an App to the App Store that merely adds a link to your privacy policy? As a loyal customer that flies over 200,000 miles a year, I’m stunned and disappointed. Rarely do we ever mention Apps here that we don’t consider to be “Best” Apps, but this time we had an App that went from being a Best App (or at least a good one) to one that isn’t even usable anymore. Your competition has updated their Apps for iOS 6, iPhone 5 and Passbook: AA, United, Air Canada & Lufthansa. Why not you?

I’d love to see an update that includes:

  • Support for your new passwords
  • Passbook support
  • iPhone 5 display size
  • Skymile Account Management (why would you allow this via the mobile site and not via your native app?)
  • The ability to buy your product (a flight) in the App <-You are in the business to make money right?
  • and while you’re at it, an iPad native version wouldn’t hurt. Both AA and Lufthansa have done this.

I’ll be glad to change my rating once you have a working update and by the way, NO ONE was looking for your privacy policy in your App. No one! If any feature should have been on the mobile website and not in the App, this would have been the one to do that with.