With the troubles abroad right now causing the price of oil to skyrocket, coupled with the coming summer months where we traditionally see higher prices at the pump, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at Apps that could help me keep my out of pocket expenses as low as possible. I went looking for an App that would quickly help me find the cheapest gas around me with as little “fluff” as possible. What I found was an App developed by a very popular gas savings website that I had already been using, Gasbuddy.com. GasBuddy has been a leading gas price website for quite a few years providing quality, and timely information so it only makes sense that their App would be of the same standard.

How it works

GasBuddy relies on user input of the gas prices to feed its every growing database of gas stations and gas prices. The first thing that you’ll notice when you open the App is its simplicity. There are four buttons and a search bar. The buttons are as follows, Find Gas near me, my profile, settings, and win gas. If you don’t want to participate in the input of gas prices, the only button you’ll use is find gas near me. It does exactly what its name implies. Tapping on this button will use your location and find gas near you. Once GasBuddy finds the stations near you, the data can be sorted in a number of ways. The first option you have is whether you want to see a list view, or a map view of the gas stations. Each has its pros and cons. I prefer the list view because I get a larger list of the surrounding gas stations near me. Under the list view (which is the default setting), you can view prices of regular, midgrade, premium, or diesel simply by selecting the corresponding tab at the top of the screen. Below, you have the option of sorting the stations by distance, or price. I prefer price, but the default setting is distance. I don’t mind driving an extra .10 of a mile for fuel that’s $.20 cents cheaper. I have a 27-gallon tank so the $.20 savings adds up!

Doing your part

If you decide that you’d like to do your part and input prices either when you happen to see them, or when you’re filling up, GasBuddy makes it easy. Under the “my profile” button you’ll find a member login section. There you can sign in if you already have a GasBuddy account, or create a new account (it’s free). Once you have created an account, you simply search near you again, find the station that you are currently wanting to input data for and select it. At the bottom of that gas station’s page you will see a button titled “report prices”. There you can report what the current price is for others to see and search.

Win Some Gas!

I know, this is what you really wanted to hear about. It’s easy. All you have to do is input gas prices. Each time you input a gas price you earn 150 points. After you earn 1000 points, you can enter into the weekly drawing for $250 in free gas! It seems like a pretty fair trade off to me.


GasBuddy has everything that I want from a gas finder App. It not only finds and helps me sort the lowest prices near me, but also gives me the chance to win free gas! To me this is a win-win. If you want to save on fuel quickly and easily this is the App for you.

You can get GasBuddy for Free here from the iTunes