Anyone that travels by air will tell you that the restaurant and services can vary drastically from airport to airport. Some airports have a really good selection and others don't. Some have the restaurant you want, but it's way the heck on the other side of the terminal. Also if you're looking for other things like whether or not the airport has Wi-Fi or where is the closest ATM machine, an app that has all of this info in one spot would be very handy. 

GateGuru has all of this and more

One of the biggest problems is not knowing what's on the other side of security. Often times directory apps such as Yelp or AroundMe stop at the TSA line. There's no way of knowing what's near YOUR gate. With GateGuru you can either use the built-in Location services support to show you your current airport or simply key in the airport code/city to find the airport you're headed to. This will help you plan accordingly for an airport that you're on your way to especially if you've never been there before. 


Wi-Fi anyone?

While knowing about an airport's available restaurants is cool, I more often want to know about available Wi-Fi connections. GateGuru helps with that too. You can see if there is Wi-Fi and whether or not it's Paid vs. Free. 



One of the biggest draws for this app will most likely be the fact that it lists all the available restaurants and where they're at. This app certainly excels at that.


Shopping, Services and the Community Aspect

I'm not much of a retail shopper, but sometimes it's just good to know what's available especially in the case of a long layover. One of the things that makes this app a little more useful than just a standard airport directory is that users can rate and review the establishments in a given location for others to see. So if you were venturing into an unknown restaurant you could give it a quick look in GateGuru to see what other travelers thought about it.

Reviewers can also include a photo of the location to help others. If you find a location that you really like you can bookmark it so that the next time you're in that airport you won't have to search for it again.

There is also Facebook and Twitter integration so that you can update your status about the location you're at right from the app. Although I really don't find it very useful to let everyone know that I'm at "Chilis" having lunch. To each his own 🙂


Room for Improvement

The App works as advertised. For US domestic travelers you're all set. But if you want to go abroad, this app won't do you much good in its current form. 

Another thing that the app is missing is Airport maps. I'm not really sure that I personally will miss that feature as I plan on using to this to tell me what's near my gate. However, I can see if you had time on your hands you may want to venture off and a map would be handy.


The Bottom Line

Any frequent traveler could benefit from this app. The fact that there is also a FREE Lite version for less frequent travelers is also a plus. My only wish is that the developer simply adds more airports especially outside the US. If you're a regular traveler in the US you probably have your routine down and pretty much know where things are. However, if you're making trips to foreign airports from time to time this app would be invaluable. 

You can get GateGuru here from the App Store: 


There is also a FREE "Lite" version that has all the same features but limited to two airports. You can get the Lite version here from the App Store for FREE:

GateGuru Lite