This is one of those apps that you should have, but hope you never have to use. Having been in a few auto accidents in the past myself, I know how much of a daze you can be in even if you're physically OK. If the police come, you're all set as they'll make a report. However, if it's a minor fender bender, then you may be on your own to collect all the details for your insurance claim.



That's where iWrecked comes in

This app aims to be the data collection point for all the relative information regarding your accident. It prompts you to enter the information that you may not be thinking about at the moment. Since your iPhone is also a camera, you can even insert the pictures you take. Also don't forget to take pictures of the road conditions and surrounding area. There is an Emergency Call area to call 911, towing in the area you're in via Google Maps and for a Taxi.

iwrecked1 iwrecked2

Once you complete the accident report you can preview it and then send it via email in PDF format.


What could be better?

The Emergency Call feature is cool, but I'd like to see the ability to add a few more contacts directly to this screen like Insurance Claim Center. Your specific auto towing/road service number, etc. Also the developer has announced that the next version will support using the GPS coordinates for your accident location which would definitely be more useful than having to key in an address.


The Bottom Line


I hope you never need this, but you should have it installed just in case you do. iWrecked is a FREE download from the App Store and works with the iPhone and iPod touch.

Download it here from the App Store:

iWrecked - Auto Accident Assistant