I’ll admit that up until now I haven’t been a  huge user of LinkedIn. Maybe it was because I didn’t really spend a lot of time setting it up, or maybe I just didn’t see a huge use for me personally. I recently took on a new job in the IT field where I have a lot of other people in the company looking to me for leadership and help so I thought that maybe it was the perfect time to devote some effort to making my LinkedIn account better. It just so happens that recently LinkedIn introduced a native App for the iPad, which is where I prefer to do most of my social networking. It was perfect timing for me, and apparently perfect timing for the new iPad as well with the new retina display support.

What’s New

First and foremost LinkedIn is now available on the iPad. I’m not sure why it has taken them this long to get on board with an iPad native App, but I’m glad that they finally did. It is now possible to take advantage of the iPads screen real estate to browse connections, read and reply to messages, view articles and much, much more. Like I said before, I use my iPad for 99% of my social media interaction and being able to access LinkedIn on there makes me that much more likely to use the service.

The biggest feature of the iPad App has to be the All Updates section. LinkedIn has taken advantage of the larger screen real estate of the iPad in the All Updates section to create a Zite like feel for browsing your groups, your connections, and networks. The other great thing that you’ll find in your All Updates section are articles with content targeted at you the user. I still prefer Zite for this kind of content, but it’s a nice added touch to LinkedIn.

Another of the new features added with this LinkedIn update not only for the iPad but for the iPhone as well, is Calendar integration. If you enable the calendar integration within the LinkedIn App, your mobile calendar (whatever calendar is on that local device) will get imported. At first I wasn’t sure why I would want this, after all I can just tap on my calendar and see what my appointments are for the day but then I realized that the LinkedIn calendar shared so much more. If the person that you have a meeting with is on LinkedIn (and most business people are), when you pull up the meeting in the Linked in App the profiles and information of the other people attending the meeting will be there. This can be a huge time saver. Remember earlier I said that I didn’t use LinkedIn very much before? When I did use it in the past I was specifically using it to look up information about new people that I was meeting with. I always find that if I can find a common interest with a person that I’m meeting for the first time, or even meeting again after an extended period of time not interacting with them, It will make the meeting go a lot smoother and more comfortable. The new calendar feature isn’t limited to the iPad version of the App, it is also included in the iPhone update as well so they didn’t cut out the professionals who don’t own an iPad.


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The Bottom Line

If you’re a LinkedIn user this update for the iPhone and new App for the iPad is sure to make you happy. If you use LinkedIn and aren’t using it on your idevices you’re missing out, especially when it comes to the iPad.

You can get LinkedIn for the iPad for free from the iTunes store here:iTunes

You can get LinkedIn for the iPhone for free from the iTunes store here: iTunes