is Back for 2012!

It’s no secret around here that I’m a huge baseball fan, especially the Cincinnati Reds. I count down the days to spring training every year and for the past few years accompanying spring training has been’s App At Bat. This year has been no different. I counted down the days until the Pitchers and catchers reported to Goodyear Arizona to the Cincinnati Reds new multimillion dollar training facility, and I also kept an eye on the App store for the updated version of At Bat. Last week At Bat 2011 disappeared so I knew 2012 was coming. What I found today both surprised and excited me! Not only did they release this year’s At Bat, but they made it 50% cheaper and as full featured as ever!

50% Cheaper!

The biggest improvement to At Bat is the cost of the App. In years past At Bat was $14.99 per year which hasn’t changed. What has changed however is that it’s now a universal binary! So now, instead of paying $14.99 for my iPhone and another $14.99 for my iPad, it’s one price and one App across both devices! So if you used the previous versions of the App only on your iPhone, it’s no cheaper but if you are using it on multiple devices, you save $14.99! There is of course the “light” version that is free but you don’t get all of the features that you do in the paid version. Most notable for me is Gameday which is the live pitch by pitch account of the game.

Everything That You Love

The newest version of At Bat has dropped the year indicator at the end of the name but that’s all it’s lost from last year. All of your favorite features from last year have been carried over to the 2012 version. Pick your favorite teams to keep track of, watch live games on your device (with a subscription), read the latest news, stats, player bios and more! Everything that I mentioned in my review of At Bat 2011 still holds true for this new version, but it’s just cheaper!

The Bottom Line

If you’re a Baseball fan, you can’t afford to not have this App. It’s the best way to enjoy the MLB anywhere you have your iPhone or iPad.

One Addition That’s Not For Everyone

If you have your iPhone or iPad Jailbroken, go to the Cydia store and download Location Spoofer. Location Spoofer lets you trick At Bat (or any App for that matter) into thinking that you are in a different location than you really are. This is important for At Bat because there are times when games aren’t televised in your local area and are “blacked out” on live view. If you trick your iPhone into thinking that you’re somewhere else, you can watch the game no matter what!

You can get At Bat from the iTunes store for free here:  iTunes (Note: the $14.99 is an in App purchase)