I love shooting wirelessly from my Nikon DSLRs to my iPad or iPhone. Recently I upgraded from a Nikon D7000 to a D600 as my travel body. The D600 has an optional wireless adapter affectionately call the WU-1b (see my review here). With this module attached to your camera it creates an ad-hoc WiFi network that you can join via your iPhone. Once you join it you can use the Nikon Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility to either wirelessly transfer the images to your iPhone as you take them or use the App to do a Live View right in the App and fire the shutter remotely.

The App works, but…


While the App works as advertised, it’s pretty bare bones. While in remote mode you do get a Live View of the what the camera is pointed at, but you have no control over the camera’s settings. Tapping on the screen allows you to focus on the subject and then you fire the shutter. Once you do, the shot you just took will be recorded to the memory card AND wirelessly transfered to your iPhone. It will be placed right on the camera roll and therefore available to any of your Apps. You have the option of emailing, sharing on Twitter or Facebook or opening an image in another App directly from the Nikon App. This is all great, but it’s missing a few things. First and foremost there is no native iPad version, which is a shame as the larger iPad display is perfect for reviewing shots (it would also be nice to see it optimized for the larger 4″ displays on iPhone 5 and iPod touch). The shots coming in from your camera don’t display until they are all done transferring and you tap the grid to see them. In other words they don’t display one by one as you take them. The good thing is that the transfer speed is pretty good and actually faster than I expected it to be.

The Bottom Line


This “utility” is just that, a “utility”. No real bells and whistles and is designed to serve a purpose. It’s a FREE App and there’s not much to complain about for free. If you’re looking for more, then you should check out Shuttersnitch. It works directly with these Nikon Wireless Modules and offers a host of additional features not the least being that it’s a Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility - Nikon Corporation