A few weeks ago I reviewed Mr. Number a reverse number lookup App for the iPhone. The only real problem with that App was the number of free lookups you received. The first 20 were free, after that they were $.05. Since then I have found Number Guru. This is the App that I really wanted. Unlimited number of searches, great user interface, and a really great database of numbers to search from.


Interface is King!

I like smooth, easy to use, and easy to understand interfaces. Number Guru is a strait to the point App. launching it puts you right into the main tab ( and the main reason for using the App), the number lookup. Laid out just like the dial pad of the iPhone, you simply type the number you want to look up including the area code and hit GO. Number guru claims to have a 99% landline coverage, and 50% cell phone coverage. They make it a point to note that they don't have Verizon numbers in their database as Verizon doesn't give out customer numbers.

There are two other tabs available within the App. Support and History. History is just what it sounds like. Here you will find all of the numbers that you have previously looked up. Pretty strait forward. Support is more of a frequent asked questions section. It does offer the help email address if there is something that they haven't covered however the App so simple I can't imagine that there are many questions sent to that address.


I knew there was a catch…

So nothing is truly free. There are no Ads within the App, there is no limit to the free searches, and the App itself is free. Where's the catch? Every time the App is shut all of the way down, and started up again it asks you for to allow it to add your contacts and their numbers to the database. I'm not aware of any other use than just adding to the database, however I chose not to share my contacts numbers. My contacts are important to me and I don't share their numbers with anyone.



Need a reverse phone number App? Want it for Free? This is the App for you! Just be aware of what you're agreeing to share with the App.


The day this review went live, Number Guru made an update to the App to remove the "add your contacts" feature. This was the feature that I most disliked.

You can get Number Guru for the iPhone from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes