OmniFocus for iPhoneBefore I get in to this review, let me state that OmniFocus is available on the Mac, iPhone and iPad. Because of the different layouts in the iPhone and iPad client, I have chosen to review them separately. For a few years, I have been using Things as my todo list. Only recently, I have begun looking at a system which is slightly more powerful, offering more advanced sorting of tasks etc. OmniFocus lets me do this. Firstly, OmniFocus on the iPhone is very neatly designed using tall the common iPhone User Interface Elements that we are all so used to by now. They have quite successfully managed to cram (and I mean cram in a positive way) most of the features from the Mac app into the iPhone. As a result of this, the app features all projects, contexts and custom perspectives that you’ve set up. Additionally, you get a few extra features on the iPhone such as the forecast view and the nice Map view. You link a context to a pin on a map and you will be able to see, graphically, how far you are to this context where you can do your tasks.


Overall, OmniFocus for iPhone is a brilliant app if you require a feature-rich system that allows you to do a lot of managing with your actions. Naturally, the app shines when you are using it together with OmniFocus on the Mac (with which it syncs over the cloud for free) but can be used nicely by itself, maintaining the high-performance environment.  

OmniFocus for iPhone iTunes

OmniFocus for iPad iTunes