1Password for iPad is now in App Store

Agile Web Solutions have today announced that their 1Password app for the iPad is available in the App Store. You will now be able to sync over your passwords to have with you on the go at the iPad as well, making use of the big screen.

The 1Password for iPad application is available for $6.99 while an update, 1Password Pro 3.0 is available, containing both the iPad and iPhone version, which goes for $14.99 but is a free upgrade for current owners.


iPad Apps Are Here

The above Apps are the iPad "only" Apps I've downloaded so far. Getting ready for tomorrow!


When I created BestAppSite.com there were already rumors that an Apple Tablet Device was coming. So I didn't want to restrict the site to just iPhone and iPod touch Apps. That was a good call! As I predicted, there will be Apps that work on both platforms AND Apps geared just for the iPad. Those iPad only Apps are starting to make their way onto the App Store. For example, I've been waiting for a Netflix branded App since day one. It never came for the iPhone, but it's now here for the iPad complete with movie streaming!

This is going to be a crazy weekend as Apple ships the first iPad model. I'll of course have coverage of the device itself on my tech blog, however as far as App reviews and news goes you're in the right place. BestAppSite.com will continue to focus on only the "Best" Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and now iPad! iPad App reviews will begin on Monday. Of course we'll continue to cover iPhone and iPod touch Apps as well and make a distinction in the review as to what platforms the Apps we review here support! Should be a fun ride :)


Mapquest Mobile Adds Turn-by-Turn Voice Directions

I'm thrilled to see so many choices in Turn-by-Turn navigation Apps for the iPhone. Being an early adopter of a few of these Apps and still really loving the Navigon App, I know that it's fierce competition in this market that makes it great for all of us. However, what do you do when someone offers Turn-by-Turn navigation for FREE? Hmmm. Well that's exactly what Mapquest Mobile has done! Now you have to keep in mind the difference here between an App like Navigon Mobile Navigator and Mapquest. Besides the price, Navigon includes the maps in the App itself. So no internet connection is required to use it. However, with Mapquest it's pulling everything in from the internet as you drive. For urban areas, that's probably not a problem, but for areas where you might lose your data signal you would also lose your navigation. Rather than go on and on about this App myself, I'd rather turn you over to the review that my buddy Jack Beckman wrote here. This is his first Navigation App for the iPhone and he compares it with his Garmin Nuvi 765t. See Jack's full review here.

Get it here: 

MapQuest 4 Mobile


Gowalla Allows you to Discover And Share Your Hangouts

Chances are you've heard of social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. All of these sites let you post status updates or "tweets" to tell your friends or followers what your'e doing. Gowalla takes it up a notch by being geared more towards letting your friends and family know where you are. So instead of posting a status update of "watching TV on the couch", you actually GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and go places. Once you get to a destination like a restaurant, bar, airport, mall, pub, famous landmark, coffee house, museum or other hangout, you "check in". The App detects your current location and lists the surrounding places. You simply tap on a known location and Check In. All of your friends will see this when they look at the recent activity or even better when they get a push notification. If the location you're at hasn't been added to the list yet, you can be the first to create it!

It's not for everyone

Since this App is geared to let people know where you are RIGHT NOW! I don't use this with just anyone. I use it with "known" family and friends. In other words people that I actually know and have no problem if they knew where I was. It's also kind of fun to go beyond checking in and play along by picking up and leaving virtual items in locations for others. If you don't want yet another thing to have to update, this App can also (Optionally) post to Twitter and Facebook for you too. So you could in theory use the one App to let EVERYONE know where you are :)

Get it here: Gowalla


iTunes 9.1 Update Adds iPad Support

Apple has updates iTunes to 9.1, giving it support to sync with the new and upcoming iPad which will be released in a few days. You will be able to store books in your library with the update, as well as actually have it recognize the iPad as a device.

If you are not getting the iPad, you can still enjoy the update as it allows you to rename, rearrange and remove Genius Mixes that you have created.

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