10 Travel Apps That Made a Difference

A couple of weeks ago I went on a two week business trip to Europe. The trip was great, but one thing happened that I wasn't really expecting and that was total dependency on my iPhone 3GS. I can believe how much I relied on my iPhone and more importantly, 3rd party Apps to get me through each day. Now of course there are some great and useful built-in Apps that helped two, but there were 10 3rd party Apps that totally rocked!

My 10 Favorite Travel Apps for the iPhone

 FlightTrack Pro – this is already my preferred flight tracking App, but it was worth its weight in gold especially on the last day of my trip. I was literally walking down the jet bridge to board my first flight (3 flights total) to come home. I got a Push Notification that my 2nd connecting flight was cancelled. Because I got this notification early enough I was able to call my travel agent and get rebooked on a direct flight home in the 2nd city. Had I not gotten that notification, I wouldn't have found out about the cancellation until hours later and possibly too late to get on the flight I ended up taking home.


 iPass Global Wi-Fi – this App allowed me to connect to hotel and airport Wi-Fi connections without having to pay separately each time. My company has a master account for us to use and I used this app multiple times to avoid the high cost of data roaming abroad.


HippoRemote 2.0 Update

HippoRemote, an application that lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a WiFi remote control for Mac, Windows and Linux has today gotten updated to HippoRemote Pro 2.0.

New in this version is a browser plugin, integrating a web browser into the remote control app, a Twitter plugin, letting you browse your timelines and post updates, again, right form the app. In both of these cases, a third new feature called link launching, will help you to get web pages from the iPhone to your computer to browse there.

Many users will also be happy to note the new Boxee plugin, giving you a way to control the popular Boxee media center application using multi-touch gestures in their interface.

Other improvements include a landscape trackpad, more multi-touch gestures, global macros and user-generated profiles.

You can download the new release from the AppStore.

Photoshop World – manage your class schedule in this native app

I've been going to Photoshop World since the very first one in Orlando. Over the years I've always tried to make it to the classes of other instructors when time permits, but I must admit that I don't always plan accordingly and often miss out on some great classes. One of the things I've been asking for was a native iPhone App to allow me to not only have the entire conference schedule in my hand, but to also allow me to plan my schedule right in the App. Today that dream has come true!

The NEW Photoshop World App is a MUST HAVE for any attendee

This was exactly what I was hoping for! The Photoshop World App is very well designed. Not only does it allow me to see the list of classes on the conference track and Expo show floor, but it also let's me see the classes by instructor. This is great because it allows me to quickly find the classes that I want to take. While a list of classes and even a list by instructor would be expected in this kind of App, the developer took it up a notch by allowing to you see "YOUR schedule" and any open time slots you have. If you see an empty time slot on your schedule via the "My Schedule" view you can tap to see which classes are going on during that time and simply add them. The App also adds the major activities such as the Keynote to your schedule by default to save you time. You can of course delete them if you don't want to attend. 

Photoshop World




Update to my Terry White App

I've released a minor update to my "The World of Terry White" App. This update adds a new Contacts tab with more links and updates a few icons. Unfortunately for whatever reason it got published as a new App instead of a simple update to the existing one. Not sure why this happened (perhaps a naming snafu from AppMakr and the App Store). So in order to get the new version, you'll need to delete your current "Terry White" app and download the new one here. Yep, it's still FREE :) 


Apple raises 3G download limit

You've been able to, since the launch of the iPhone, download apps and media over 3G as long as they weren't over 10MB in size. This is now changing. Apple has now raised the limit on App Store and iTunes Store downloads over 3G up to 20MB in size.

I think it is great that they are finally increasing this limit, which has always felt like it has been there to cover AT&T's cell network. Other countries, with more solid networks have almost always been limited by AT&T and Apple. Great to see some new changes coming, with VoIP over 3G and video-streaming over 3G now (with the Slingbox app for example).

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