TweetDeck for iPad

Yes I Tweet! I'm on Twitter and you can Folllow me here. I mostly tweet when I'm on the road and my iPhone is my main Twitter tool. On the iPhone my Twitter client of choice is Tweetie 2. However, although Tweetie 2 works just fine on the iPad, I prefer to have a full-sized Twitter client. One that really takes advantage of all that extra screen real estate. I'm sure that Tweetie 2 will be upgraded for the iPad at some point, but I wanted something NOW! So I decided to try out the FREE alternative in the interim.

TweetDec for iPad shows it all in one view

The nice thing about the iPad is that you do have that nice big display at 1024×768 resolution. So I'm totally addicted to Apps that take advantage of it. I had tried TweetDeck on my MacBook Pro and while the client worked perfectly it was actually too distracting. I would see new messages pop up during the day and immediately want to see what they were. I wasn't getting any work done. However, on the iPad that's less of an issue and I must admit I do like TweetDeck's ability to show the 3 main columns that I care about all in one view. I can see the tweets of the people I follow, I can see the Mentions of me or my tweets and I can see the Direct Messages too if I turn the iPad landscape. You can customize which columns you see and with a flick of your finger you can get to the next page of columns. I have two Twitter accounts so this is a nice way to flip between them. TweetDeck also takes advantage of the the latest Twitter technologies including Geotagging and Lists. So you can even have a column of say a list of your buddies or colleague's tweets. You can rearrange the columns by simply holding down your finger on a column header to get into the mode of rearranging. 

You can get it here from the App Store


Easy Release - Model Release App

Easy Release Does Custom Model/Property Releases on your iPhone

This is the 3rd App of this type that I have reviewed (see my review of mRelease and Photographer’s Contract Maker). Each of these Apps promises to eliminate the need for carrying around paper based Model and Property releases. The first App I tried, mRelease was really slick but lacked the ability to create a “custom” release using your own text. Then BestAppSite readers turned me on to Photographer’s Contract Maker, which does allow for custom text but lacks the ability to put in a photo of the model/building on the release and doesn’t let you put in your own logo. Although I knew about Easy Release, I immediately dismissed it back then because it also lacked the ability to do custom releases. However, that’s all changed now with their latest update.

Easy Release 1.5 Almost Does it All!

A BestAppSite reader turned me on to the 1.5 update and while I am satisfied with Photographer’s Contract Maker for the most part (I used it at Photoshop World for both model releases and custom corporate interview releases and it rocked!), I wanted to give this App a spin. Being the most expensive of the bunch at $9.99 I was a little hesitant, However, I was lured in by the fact that it had the missing features I wanted. Not only did the update bring custom releases, but it also has the ability to have a photo (from either your iPhone camera or your Camera Roll/Albums) on the release AND allows you to put in your own custom logo/branding! Cool!

Get it here: .

There is one problem though…



Adobe Ideas for your iPad

They say that the best ideas have been captured on a bar napkin. It's 2010, think green! OK, that's a stretch. However, you do have that shinny NEW iPad with a nice large display and chances are you'll be sitting in a cafe, bar or other meeting and want sketch out some thoughts (ideas). That's where Adobe Ideas comes in. This FREE App allows you to take advantage of your iPad's larger display and using just your finger you can sketch out your ideas in multiple colors and best of all in a vector format.

Adobe Ideas, paper not included

Once you have your Ideas on the iPad you can then easily share them via email right from the App as PDFs. Those PDFs can be opened and edited in Adobe Illustrator as vector drawings. Although Adobe Ideas is vector at heart you can still do things like use an eraser right in the app. Another nice benefit is that you can grab colors from an existing photo in your Library. This is great for when you want to design something quick and you want to use an existing color scheme. It even has 50 levels of Undo and of course you can access a gallery of all your past drawings. The one thing I really like since I can't draw my way out of a paper bag, is the fact that you can bring up a photo as a layer and draw on the drawing layer over it and then turn off the photo layer to just have your sketch!

Adobe Ideas is FREE and you can get it here on the Adobe®



10 Must Have iPad Apps

Of course iPad weekend just past  (see my iPad review here) and now you're wondering what are the hottest Apps to get that take advantage of your new IPad. While NEW Apps are coming on board every day from here on out, I thought I share with my iPad Opening Weekend – Top 10 Must Have iPad Apps:




ABC Player

Adobe Ideas


Delivery Status





USA Today

Weatherbug Elite



While the above list has some great Apps on it, I did it back in April 2010. A lot has come out since then. See my NEW "Must Have Apps for the New iPad Owner"


The 100 Best Apps of 2010

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10 Must Have iPad Apps for the Office – Here

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See my Top 10 Picks for Universal iPad/iPhone Apps. These are Apps that are native to all iOS devices.



1Password for iPad is now in App Store

Agile Web Solutions have today announced that their 1Password app for the iPad is available in the App Store. You will now be able to sync over your passwords to have with you on the go at the iPad as well, making use of the big screen.

The 1Password for iPad application is available for $6.99 while an update, 1Password Pro 3.0 is available, containing both the iPad and iPhone version, which goes for $14.99 but is a free upgrade for current owners.

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