This is probably the first iPhone/iPod touch game that I really got hooked on. I had heard about it and then I was sitting next to someone playing it on the plane. So as soon as I landed I downloaded it. Boy was that a mistake. Productivity went down the tubes for that entire trip :)


The premise behind FlightControl is that you're the air traffic controller and it's your job to guide planes in safely. It starts out (like most games) pretty easy. A plane appears on the display and you simply use your finger to direct it to the appropriate runway. Easy right? 

Flight Control



iMoo is a simple application that fun to play with. Do you remember those cans that you turn upside down and then right side up and they make a moo sound? Well here is the electronic version of that.

For small kids?

I have to admit that when I first saw this app, I wondered "why?" What I hadn't considered was the endless entertainment that this app would provide to small children (and some larger children. You know who you are!) Sometimes, you need a few moments to think and this could provide you those moments while you keep a small child occupied. Although you probably shouldn't go to far incase they get bored and slam your iPhone/iPod touch to the ground. :)



O2 Reporting Reception Issues in London

It seems that O2 is also reporting reception issues for their network, especially in the London area. Their head, Ronan Dunne says that they are working on some solution and apologizes for the service since the launch of the iPhone 3GS this summer.

"Where we haven't met our own high standards then there's no question, we apologise to customers for that fact," 

This definitely leaves hope that they will improve the reception shortly, whereas AT&T over in the US have yet to make much promises for their customers.

LinkedIn Updates App


For a long time, the LinkedIn app has been kind of useless. Well, at least not useful enough to be using it a whole lot to keep up with LinkedIn. Now, it has received an update which brings it to a whole new level.

The new update, applies a bit of "Facebook-style" to the app, with a homescreen inspired by the Facebook app, also out in the App Store. It makes it easy to now browse through most of the LinkedIn areas, with just the main feed being available before.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store and the update gotten from the updates. It is fully free.


Granted, I don't use makeup. However, I can certainly appreciate what women must go through in trying different products or looks. I also have an appreciation for facial recognition software and that's what MakeUp uses. If you think about it, when you bring a photo into this app it has to figure out where your different features are to be able to apply the makeup in the right places.

Start with an existing photo, the built-in model photo or take one with your iPhone camera. Once you have the photo up you can either apply makeup to the eyes, skin or lips.



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