Use your iPhone to help the people in Haiti

Some of us won't think twice about spending $10 in a coffee shop or buying a few apps for our iPhones. So why not pull out that cool iPhone of yours and use the technology to help people in need? It will take all of 30 seconds of your time. Here are the details. Simply text "Haiti" to 90999 and a $10 donation will be added to your phone bill. I know that times are hard, but they are much much much harder for the people in Hait right now. Thanks!



People's Choice Awards: The Top 50 Apps Chosen By You


Last week ran a Contest and the LUCKY WINNER Greg (#333) just won a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate. The entry to the contest was simple. All you had to do was name your Favorite App! That's right your "Best App" choice. So I thought I would share the Top 50 Apps Chosen By You!

1 Facebook Facebook
2 Best Camera Best Camera
3 Shazam Shazam
4 Tweetie 2 Tweetie 2
5 Evernote Evernote
6 RedLaser RedLaser
7 TweetDeck TweetDeck for iPhone
8 Kindle Kindle for iPhone
9 Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation
10 Pandora Radio Pandora Radio
11 Remote Remote
12 Lose It! Lose It!
13 Google Mobile App Google Mobile App
14 Mobile Mobile
15 1Password 1Password
16 Sportacular Sportacular
17 CardStar CardStar
18 Geocaching Geocaching
19 Air Mouse Pro Air Mouse Pro  (Remote / Trackpad)
20 TomTom TomTom U.S. & Canada
21 onONe DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition
22 Photogene Photogene
23 Learn the Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White Learn Adobe Creative Suite with Terry White
24 IMDb IMDb
25 Flight Control Flight Control
26 Doodle Jump Doodle Jump - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive!
27 Bento Bento
28 YouVersion Bible Bible
29 Skype Skype
30 Mail Built-in
31 ToDo Todo
32 Words with Friends Words With Friends
33 MobileRSS for Google RSS Reader MobileRSS for Google RSS Reader
35 MLB at Bat At Bat
36 Skee-Ball Skee-Ball
37 Grocery iQ Grocery iQ
39 Beejive IM with Push BeejiveIM with Push
40 Things Things
41 Nikon's Learn and Explore Nikon Learn & Explore - photo tips, techniques and terms
43 Tap Tap Revenge Tap Tap Revenge 2.6
44 Focalware Focalware
45 iVideoCamera-Record video on any phone iVideoCamera - Record Video on any phone
46 Google Earth Google Earth
47 Ping Ping!
48 Koi Pond Koi Pond
49 Keynote Remote Keynote Remote
50 i. TV i. TV

Winner of the $50 iTunes Gift Certificate!

Congratulations goes to Greg (#333) our winner of the $50 iTunes Gift Certificate!

Greg's Favorite App is Skee-Ball.

See the drawing here using Random Number:


Thanks to all that entered!

HotelPal – Hotels & Hotel Room Reservations

If you travel then you probably stay in hotels. Sometimes we have no choice in where we stay because it's been mandated by the company we work for or it's just simply more convenient to stay at the location where the event is taking place. So in those cases you just go with the flow.

When you're spending your own money

When it comes to travel for leisure or when you do have a choice then chances are you want the best deal you can find in the area. When I travel to a new location I may not even know what hotels are in the area let alone which ones have the best prices or deals. This is where HotelPal comes in. In one tap HotelPal can show you all of the hotels in a given area and then quickly sort them by rate based on the dates you want to stay. It's actually pretty amazing the way this thing works and the speed at which it works. Once you find a location that looks interesting you can drill down for more details and even book it right within the app.

HotelPal - Hotels & Hotel Room Reservations


Focalware On Sale Through the End of January

 You might remember Focalware from our review here. Well the folks over at Spiral Development wanted us to let you know that Focalware is now ON SALE for only $4.99 (half off) until the end of January!

Also they wanted to clarify the Compass support

With the 3GS model, Focalware uses Apple's internal compass to show the actual current position of sun and moon. With all earlier phones and the iTouch, we use a fixed compass graphic where the user moves the sun and moon for different times. Since we do not try to animate the compass in non 3GS devices, they are no less accurate with the results. The calculations are the same on any model. Typically non-3GS users rely on an external compass.

You can get it here from the App Store:


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