Win a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate! to give away a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate

That's right! We're trying to get the word out about and one way to do that is to give stuff away. So we're starting with a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate to one of our lucky readers.


How to Enter

Entering for the drawing is really easy! Just leave a comment below on this post. telling us your favorite iPhone/iPod touch app. That's all you have to do. The deadline to leave your comment is Sunday, January 17th, 2010 at 6PM EST (GMT-5) and we'll pick a winner from one of the comments based on a random draw. Each comment will be assigned a number. So if you're the first comment you'll be #1 and so forth and so on. We'll use the Random Number iPhone/iPod touch app to actually pick the number. The winner will be announced here on Monday, the 18th, 2010.



I'm a long time user of FileMaker Pro. However, lately it seems that my needs for the power of FileMaker Pro have lessened in my day to day world. Don't get me wrong, I still use FileMaker Pro for all the heavy lifting of managing the database for my Mac users group (MacGroup-Detroit, Inc.), but personally for smaller projects Bento is great.

Create and Manage Databases on the go

I must admit that when I first heard about Bento for the iPhone and iPod touch I assumed that it would merely be a syncing tool to compliment the desktop version of Bento (which I've reviewed here today). Boy was I wrong! This is a stand alone app that has the same elegance and easy of use as the Mac desktop product. Of course it will sync with the Desktop version, but it also stands alone.





Electronic Arts has brought another classic board game back to life. This time it's Battleship. Modern graphics, animation and additional weapon modes make this game more entertaining than ever.







I live by my RSS reader everyday. Instead of having to go to various websites throughout the day to see if anything has changed, I just subscribe to the sites RSS feed. This way whenever there is a new article or post, it shows up in my RSS reader shortly thereafter. Although I use the RSS reader built-in to Apple's Mail app the most, I think the Google Reader is definitely one of the most popular one in use on the net.

I want an RSS reader on my iPhone too

Having an RSS reader on my Mac is great, but what about when I'm on the go. I like to keep up on what's going on when I travel too. Unfortunately the iPhone/iPod touch's Mail App doesn't have the same RSS reader that the desktop version does. This is where Byline comes in. Byline syncs with the Google Reader. So if you're already using Google Reader you're all set! However, for me it was no big deal just to setup the same feeds I like to read in Mail on the Google Reader too. 



Facebook 3.1 update adds Push Notification and Syncing

The latest update to the Facebook app for iPhone and iPod touch adds the long awaited Push notifications. Now you can have popup messages any time that you:

  • Wall Posts
  • Messages
  • Friend Requests
  • Friend Confirmations
  • Photo Tags
  • Events
  • Comments

Luckily you can control each of the above individually. 

You can also choose to sync your Facebook friends with your Address Book contacts to grab those missing contact/profile photos. 



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