Best Camera

When I'm on the go it's often times much easier just to take a shot with my iPhone and share it with friends and family. We all know that cellphone camera photos can be, well, lacking at times. So having an App that allows you to quickly and easily make basic adjustments and then distribute the photo is key.

Very Easy to Use

The one thing that I really really like about this app, is the "one tap" approach to the effects. You slide a row of filters back and forth to choose from and then tap the one you want to see if you like it on your photo. The effects/filters include: Jewel, Paris, Slate (one of my favs), Candy, Light, Dark, Fade, Contrast, Warm, Cool, Desaturate, Vignette, Square, and Frame.  You can either cancel the one you chose or apply it.

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12 Days of Christmas App from Apple

Apple has released an app that has some potential. It is called 12 Days of Christmas and will allow you to get a free gift from iTunes every day between December 26 through January 6 so it is not quite useable yet, but make sure to download it from the App Store in advance. To make sure you don't forget a day, the app will send you push notifications when a new gift is released. Update: It seems that it is only released in few App Stores so far, not including the US.

Dragon Dictation

When it comes to voice recognition technology it either works well with my voice or it doesn't. There really isn't anything that I've tried that kinda works. Luckily for me Dragon Dictation falls into the "it works well for me" category. I was stunned actually by just how accurate this app is with my voice. As a matter of fact you can see it action in this video:



Apple Debuts 12 Apps for Christmas Ad



Apps featured in this ad:

EyeTV offers HTTP Live Video streaming over 3G

If you have an EyeTV for your Mac and have had the EyeTV iPhone app, you have had the ability to over WiFi stream live or recorded shows from your computer. What they have announced today, sweetens it quite a bit. Through their brand new Live3G website, they are now providing live streaming to your iPhone through mobile Safari, through HTTP live streaming. What this means is that you will be able, just by logging in through Safari, watch and stream all of your EyeTV content to your iPhone and watch live TV. All you need to do beforehand is update to EyeTV 3.3 (which is free for current EyeTV owners). What this also means is that you can through the TV Out cable, connect your iPhone to a TV and watch videos streaming over 3G from your iPhone, since mobile safari can output to TVs (something that normal apps cannot).

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