I share a lot of pictures on various services. The ones I use the most are Facebook and Flickr. Sure I use Smugmug, MobileMe,, Twitter, my own blog and others, but Facebook and Flickr are the ones I use the most often. Although I love the features of MobileMe, Smugmug and the others, the people that I share the most with are all on Facebook or Flickr. 


Shoot it once, upload it to many


Photoscatter aims to be the only photo uploading app you'll need. With Photoscatter you can upload to:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • ShutterFly
  • PhotoBucket
  • Picasa
  • Twitter

all at the same time! Of course you can choose which services you want to upload to on an image by image basis. 


This app is ideal for me. If I'm at an event and want to share a quick snapshot from my iPhone with all my friends, I can shoot it and upload it to Facebook, Flickr and even Twitter all at once.

pscatt-take-choose     |pscatt-picture


Taxi Magic


I've spent the better part of this week doing a 3 part series on some of my favorite travel tips and accessories (see Part 1, 2 and 3). So I thought I would wrap things up this week with one of my new favorite Apps: Taxi Magic.


True Story

I was in a meeting in San Jose and during one of the breaks I checked my Genius App Recommendations and one of them was Taxi Magic. So out of curiosity I decided to take a look. First off, this app was getting hammered in the reviews. However, I didn't let that stop me since the app was free and also one of the biggest complaints was the $1.50 charge if you pay for your Taxi with your credit card. I wasn't too worried about that, so I downloaded the app.

At the end of the day I needed to go from the office in San Jose to the San Jose airport and I was going to go by Taxi. So I decided that this would be as good of a test as I could give it. I didn't have much time and quite frankly if the app didn't work, I may have been late/missed my flight. Risky, I know. 






I fired up Taxi Magic at 6:20 PM. Keep in mind that I had already configured it with my credit card info and account setup prior. It did a quick Location check and I then keyed in my pickup address. Next I requested a Taxi to pick me up "Now" (you can schedule it later). After putting in the details and tapping "Book". I got a confirmation in about 20 seconds and was blown away that not only did it show me that my Taxi was on the way, but it showed me how long it was going to take to arrive and where it was at the time! Real-time updates! Note the new version that just came out yesterday now shows your taxi's location on a map.


taximagic-pickup      .taximagic-liveupdates


The taxi showed up about 2 minutes later and when the driver got out he asked for me by name. Whoa! I got in and was on my way to the airport. 


Facebook 3.0.2


Although I'm a frequent user of Facebook, I was never a fan of their iPhone app. I don't know how else to say it, but the previous version sucked. There, I got that out! The app worked, but it was very limited. It didn't support many of the new features of Facebook and in most cases I ended up just doing things either on my computer in Safari or using the mobile version of Facebook in Safari on my iPhone.


3.0 changes all of that

The highly anticipated 3.0 release is finally here. There were pictures of the new interface and teasers for months, but a couple of weeks ago while checking the App Store for updates, it was there! I couldn't click the update button fast enough. 


The Newly designed Facebook home screen has nice easy to read/identify icons navigate your way around. 


Navigon Updates Their iPhone App With TTS


One of the things that I had originally dinged Navigon for in their GPS turn-by-turn navigation app was the lack of Text-to-Speech (TTS). This is the feature that tells you the name of the street you're about to turn on. ie. "Turn right on Maple Street". Well to keep the pressure on TomTom and others, Navigon just released their update as promised. They also added an Automatic Day/Night adjustment for adjusting the display for the time of day. 

Now let's have Traffic Support and we'll be really good to go!



Navigon also recently announced that they were developing their own "car kit." Although the TomTom car kit seems that it will do more and offer the much needed GPS signal boost. Not to mention that the TomTom one will work with other apps besides TomTom (like the Navigon app). Both car kits are slated to ship in October. In the meantime I'm using this iPhone Vent Mount.

The Navigon app is now $69.99 and available here from the App Store.

MobileNavigator North America

DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition


As a portrait photographer I'm very used to shooting in a controlled environment like my studio. I'm also used to shooting tethered into my laptop. So when onOne announced that their DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition app for the iPhone was now compatible with Nikon DSLR's, I was intrigued and wanted to try it out.


Before we go any further

Before I get into this app let me first tell you what it does AND what's required to use it. First off you'll need a compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera. Here's the list of the ones that this app works with. Next you're going to need to plug that camera into your Mac or PC using a USB cable and you're going to need to run the onOne DSLR Camera Remote Server app (free download here.) Lastly you're going to need a Wi-Fi connection between your iPhone/iPod touch and your laptop so that the app can control your tethered camera.



Now this may seem like a lot and well it is. However, it's really not much different than most tethered setups anyway. 



So what's the advantage of the app then?

This is one that I struggled with at first. I thought, well if I gotta plug my camera into my laptop and run software on my laptop, then why do I need this app on my iPhone? Here's the best way to think of it. Think of the DSLR Camera Remote app as a wireless cable release that not only allows you to fire the camera, but also allows you to change the settings (if you go with the Pro version) and shows you the image you just captured without going back to the laptop. It can save you several trips back and forth to your camera to change settings if you are not happy with the images you're getting. 


Practical uses: I can think of a couple of practical uses right off the bat. If you're doing product photography where you're having to move the product or swap the product out constantly for a different product, you could have the camera on a tripod and you can hang out by the product table and continue to shoot making adjustments along the way. If you're doing portrait photography especially with children. You can go interact with the kids without having to run back to the camera and possibly miss the shot. You can also show the subject the image you just captured right then in there without them having to getup and go look at your laptop. Lastly, this is ideal if you need to do some self portraits. You can fire the camera, then look down at your iPhone/iPod touch and see if you like what you just captured.


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