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I order from Amazon quite a bit. Therefore I joined Amazon Prime years ago just to take advantage of the free 2-day shipping on most items. There are lots more benefits to prime members including Amazon Prime Movies, Amazon Prime Music and even an unlimited cloud photo storage service. Yesterday evening I noticed that there was a sticker on the box that I had received earlier that day and it was an advertisement for Amazon Prime Now. What caught me was the “same day” delivery messaging. I had heard rumors that Amazon was going to be doing same day deliveries but hadn’t realized that it had started. I quickly scanned the QR code to get right to the new app on the App Store. Now keep in mind that it was about 6:25 PM at this point. I decided to peruse the app and see what was available for same day delivery.

Amazon Prime Now Delivery Times

I saw a Pet category and I remembered that dog treats are always needed. I did a search for the “Science Diet” brand and found a few of the treats that I normally order. I added a couple to my cart. I saw that I needed to have an order of at least $15 for same day delivery so I added an Amazon Basics Lightning cable. I was stunned to see that I could still get delivery that night, even in about an hour if I was willing to pay extra! I of course didn’t need these items that fast as this was just a test. I opted for the 8-10 PM time slot. I checked out with a credit card already on file.


I received a text message that my order would be delivered soon and in about another 20 minutes my door bell rang. There was a woman at the door carrying a bag. I saw her Amazon badge and she asked me to verify my order. The bag was sealed and I opened it to find the three items I had ordered. Wow! That’s an amazing service.

The order cost broke down like this:

Screenshot 2015-04-29 20.48.17

While I certainly don’t need my Amazon orders that fast every time, it’s great to know that I have this option. Of course not everything that Amazon sells is available for same day delivery and that’s why they made a separate app that is dedicated to this service. If it’s in this app then you can get it same day.

I would like to see them implement Touch ID for password entry/ordering.

Get the Amazon Prime Now app here from the .


FlightTrack 5

10 Apps That I’m Looking Forward to on Apple Watch That Are Already Here!


Apple Watch is a little bit more than a week away from shipping to those lucky few who got their pre-orders in within the first 5-10 minutes of being open last Friday. I’m really looking forward to receiving my Apple Watch Sport. I find that like the iPhone back in 2007 there is much confusion about Apple Watch. It isn’t my job to sell you on it. Frankly I’m not too concerned about people that say that they don’t want or need it. Like any product it will be a great fit for many and not for others. When I mention Apple Watch to my friends (the ones that don’t get it), I explain to them that it’s all about the “glances”. I pull my iPhone 6 plus out of my pocket more times than I can count in a day to look at things. Perhaps I got a push notification and I want to see what it is. Maybe it’s a notice that my flight or gate has changed. Or maybe it’s a notice that my Uber car has arrived. Perhaps it’s a text message. These are things that in most cases don’t really need much interaction from me, but they are little pieces of information that I want to know and soon will be able to glance at on my wrist while my iPhone stays in my pocket. Apple has already opened to the doors to App Developers to add Apple Watch support to their iPhone apps. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed more and more of my favorite apps being updated with Apple Watch features and some of which I weren’t even expecting, but I’m glad to see. Keep in mind that Apple Watch will already have a lot of great built-in Apps like Passbook (can’t wait to board my next flight using the boarding pass on my Apple Watch), Calendar, iMessage, etc., but it’s the 3rd party apps that will take it to the next level much the way they do on iPhone today.

Here is my list of the 10 Apps That I’m Looking Forward to on Apple Watch:



FLIGHTTRACK FOR APPLE WATCH: the perfect complement
• Notifications for flight status and gate changes
• Flight progress and information at a glance
• Travel details for current and upcoming flights for yourself, or friends and family



Now you can use Uber on your Apple Watch. Request a ride with a single tap and check your driver’s progress at any time — without ever pulling out your phone



Evernote for Apple Watch
– Dictate notes into Apple Watch and they’ll be transcribed and synced to Evernote
– See recently created, updated, and viewed notes
– Dictate searches and see results on your Apple Watch
– Create reminders and get notified about items due today




== 1Password 5.4 for iOS, the ‘Go Go Gadget Watch!` Edition ==

Sometimes, it’s the little things that are really exciting. There’s not a lot of big changes in this release, but some sweet refinements to existing features (like the Message Center and 1Password’s Brain) and one lovely little addition for our Pro users: an item detail that lets you ‘Add to Apple Watch.’

3 Hour Diet Reminder



Added snooze button to notifications
Swipe notifications to snooze or start a new timer.
Can set the snooze duration in settings.

Added Apple Watch App Extension
Start and stop your timer from your Apple Watch.
Increase / Decrease you daily water consumption progress.
View the remaining time for your current timer from an Apple Watch glance screen.
Receive notifications directly on your Apple Watch.
Snooze the timer directly from your Apple Watch notification.




Experience personalized music discovery with Pandora for Apple Watch.
· What’s that song playing? The song name and artist are available at a glance.
· Thumb-up tracks you love, pause playback and change stations directly from your wrist.
· Easily access new music notifications.

Deliveries: a package tracker


• Apple Watch: now includes an app, Glance, and notification support for Apple Watch.



Includes Twitter for Apple Watch. <-not much of description I know, but I’ll be happy to see important tweets/mentions at a glance.

Dark Sky


Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next five days with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.

Trip Advisor


New for Apple Watch
• Suggests places to eat or attractions to visit based on your current location and time of day.
• Save a place directly on the Apple Watch, which is synced to your TripAdvisor profile and is made available on and TripAdvisor apps for iPhone and iPad.
• Supports Apple Maps for directions to places.
• Supports Force Touch on list view so that you can change search range and sort options.

Bonus: SPG


Although I’m more of a Hilton and Marriott guy, the idea of using my Apple Watch to open my door instead of a plastic card key appeals to my geek side in ways you can’t imagine. I will stay at an SPG property just to experience this.

Now you can experience the SPG app on Apple Watch.

You’ll have easy access to all your favorite SPG app features, including SPG Keyless, accessing your stay details and tracking your account.

For more information about the SPG app on Apple Watch, visit


The Bottom Line

The above list is just the beginning. I can remember the handful of apps available on day one for iPad. Now there are thousands and some of which I couldn’t imagine life without. Although my Apple Watch is already ordered, I’m still stuck on deciding which band I’m going to like the most. Check out this video from my LIVE Periscope broadcast when I tried on a few of my favorites:


Live Broadcast from your iPhone with Periscope



Last week Twitter delivered their competitor to Meerkat and it’s called Periscope. Periscope is an iPhone application that allows you to do LIVE video broadcasts to your followers. You can show your front or rear camera at any time. Doing something cool and want your followers to see it? Just launch Periscope and start a broadcast. It will automatically tweet to your Twitter followers if you like and anyone following you will get an optional push notification that you’re doing a broadcast. If by chance some of your followers couldn’t watch it live you can choose to have the broadcast upload after you’re done for replay. It can also save to your camera roll as a video file to share anywhere else that you like. Best of all your audience can interact with you while you’re broadcasting. They can tap the screen to show you love (hearts) while you’re showing or saying something good and they can enter text messages that display on your screen while you’re broadcasting and if you choose you can address those comments/questions live. 


 I used it quite a bit this past weekend while at Professional Imaging in the Netherlands. I was joined by Scott Kelby, Frank Doorhof and Glyn Dewis. You should follow all of us by the way.

You can get Periscope here (it’s a lot of fun): iTunes.

Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram



We have reviewed several different photo layout apps here before and apparently the idea has caught on with Instagram as they have just released their own. Layout from Instagram is a FREE app for iOS that allows you to quickly put together multiple photos in one frame for posting to social media sites such as, well um “Instagram”. The interface is very straight forward and actually kinda fun to use as it automatically lays out your selected images based on the number of images you choose. No need to choose a layout first as with most other apps. If you deselect or add more photos the layout automatically adjusts. You can flip or mirror any image in your layout as well as resize the frame containing them. If you don’t have enough selfies ready to go you can use the Photo Booth feature to actually snap several selfies in succession. However, unlike my favorite App in this category “PicPlayPost“, currently Layout from Instagram doesn’t allow you to layout videos. The other glaring omission is that you seem to be limited to just the images on your Camera Roll and not the ones in your existing Albums. I find that limit pretty odd, but at least it will force you to use “fresh” images.


The Bottom Line

Layout from Instagram isn’t mind blowing, but it does have a slick UI (user interface). It won’t make me give up my other app, but If I’m only going to layout “recent” photos then I’d likely use it simply because it’s faster.
Get it here from the iTunes.


The 100 Best Apps of 2014


It’s that time of year again. That time where I look back at 2014 and the iPhone and iPad in my hand and I come up with my picks for the BEST APPS of 2014. These are my favorite apps and more importantly the ones that either came out in 2014 or got significant updates.  There are hundreds of thousands of apps on the App Store and no one list can cover them all. When I sat down to put this list together I asked myself of the 551 apps I have on my iPhone and the 508 apps on my iPad, which are the Top 100 Apps that I couldn’t live without? You put all those things together and you come up with a list of Apps that I have no problem recommending to you. So here they are:


1Password – App of the Year!


Not only is this one of the best apps of 2014 but it’s also my pick for BEST APP OF 2014. I couldn’t imagine life without it. In this world of daily hacks with big name retailers and banks it’s more important than ever to have different passwords with each of your online accounts as well as passwords that are more secure with random letters, numbers and symbols. However, it would be impossible to remember them all. That’s where 1Password comes in. I use it to manage all of my logins as well as to generate more secure passwords with new accounts. In 2014 this app reached a whole new level of usability by implementing Touch ID and Safari browser extensions in iOS 8.


Get it here from the iTunes.




I have been using GPS turn-by-turn with voice navigation apps for years, but in 2014 I found myself using Waze more often than the others. Waze has the same basic features of all the others, but it also has a “community” aspect where other Wazers are reporting traffic situations and hazzards in real-time. This is by far the best one I’ve seen for up to the second traffic info and automatic re-routing around situations before you get caught in them. in 2014 Waze also added a nice widget that lets you easily tap to navigate to home, work or another location.

Get it here from the iTunes.




Avairy became my favorite photo editor in 2014 by offering a straightforward user interface with the tools exposed in just the right way as well as dizzing array of effects and filters.

Get it here from the iTunes.




When I post my photography online I usually watermark them with my logo right in Lightroom. However, If I’m posting a shot from my iPhone or iPad then I need a way to watermark them right on those devices. iWaterMark+ is simply the best watermarking app for iOS that I’ve seen to date. Nicely integrated with iOS 8 as a filter in the native photos app.

Get it here from the iTunes.


Squaready Pro


The format for Instagram is a square 1:1 aspect ratio. If you take pictures with the Instagram app you’re all set. However, sometimes I want to post a portrait or landscape image that if I crop it square just won’t do it justice. That’s where Squaready Pro comes in with not only the ability recompose your shot onto a square frame and make it all fit, but also some very cool framing features too.

Get it here from the iTunes.


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