Dropbox for iOS Adds Automatic Photo & Video Uploads and Gives you 3GB of Extra Space

Dropbox.com has updated their FREE iOS App to allow for automatic picture and video uploads. This is similar to what they had already done on the desktop side. If you enable this setting in the App you can now just snap away with your iDevice’s camera and know that those images/videos are being uploaded to the cloud as a backup and for sharing. Since dropbox syncs with your desktop those images/videos are going to be available to you on all your devices. When you enable automatic uploads you’ll have to option to upload all existing photos/videos on your Camera Roll or not.  This feature creates a new “Camera Uploads” folder right in the root of your Dropbox folder. As a side benefit Dropbox will give you up to 3GB of extra space (in 500MB increments as needed) for all these extra images/videos going into your Dropbox folder. They added 500MB of space to my account the minute I turned it on and snapped one shot.

I love Dropbox! They are facing stiff competition from Google and Microsoft. I pay for this service (100GB plan) and although the price is fine, I’m starting to feel like they should offer more space for the money to remain competitive. I do like how they continue to offer additional space perks for doing simple things like following them on twitter, referring people and telling them why you like the service. To date I’ve earned over 33GB’s of Free space!


BT Journal

BT Journal – Moose Peterson’s Journal for Photographers

One of the photographers that inspires me is Moose Peterson. When it comes to wildlife photography, his name is the only one that comes to my mind. Moose also has an amazing skills when it comes to aerial photography. Needless to say I not only have an interest in photography, but I’m always looking to learn more and to be inspired. Moose Peterson’s New BT journal iPad App provides just the learning experience and inspiration that I’m looking for. Moose teaches by stories, videos and of course exceptional photography. This app (magazine) comes with at least 30 minutes of video with each issue as well as great written instruction. You can either buy single issues or subscribe. As a special bonus you get a step-by-step tutorial on how one of the key photographs was finished.

Best of all you can check out the Premiere Issue detailing the wonders of Yosemite in winter for free! If you’re into wildlife, landscapes or aerial photography then you’ll definitely want to check out Moose’s BT Journal.



A Simple Timer For Your iPhone

Today we’re going to keep it short and sweet; not because this App is lacking in quality, importance, or love from us, but rather because it is SO incredibly easy to use that there isn’t a whole lot to say. As a matter of fact, it’s this simplicity that makes this App the best of it’s type that I’ve ever used! When you want to start a countdown timer, you don’t need (or want) the extra frills and bells that accompany so many other Apps; you want quick, simple, and to the point. Timer for the iPhone fills this need perfectly!













User Interface

The user interface for Timer is simple; crazy simple. As you can see in the screen shot above they have included what they feel are common times that people want. activating these times is as simple as tapping the desired icon. When a time is selected, it immediately starts counting down. When it reaches the end of the time an alarm sounds indicating that your timer is up. To reset the expired timer you simply tap it a second time. It’s as easy as that. To change any of the preset times, all you have to do is hold that particular timer for three seconds to enter the edit screen.


Custom Times

If you want a custom time that is not indicated by a preset on the screen there are three custom options at the bottom of the screen to choose from. By tapping on one of the grey squares along the bottom of the screen you can input the time that you need. These custom timers act just like the preset times, counting down until the time expires or it is reset by an additional tap.

The Bottom Line

So that’s it! That’s all there is to this super simple, but extremely useful App! If you need a simple, to the point timer for your iPhone, this is the App for you.

You can get Timer for your iPhone for $.99 from iTunes here:iTunes


Web to PDF for iPad

iOS includes decent support for viewing PDFs. However, unlike Mac OS it doesn’t provide the ability to create PDFs. Surprisingly you’re on your own to use 3rd party apps if you want to create PDFs. While I have great PDF Apps for my iPad like PDF Expert for viewing/managing/PDF forms and even Adobe’s own Create PDF for creating PDFs from various file formats, there was one glaring omission, the ability to create a PDF from a web page. Just the other day I wanted to send a colleague my travel itinerary that was on TripIt.com. TripIt allows you to share itineraries, but only if the person you’re sharing with creates an account/logs in to see it. In this case it wasn’t really necessary for this person to have a TripIt account. A simple PDF would have been fine. No luck from the TripIt App. Also no luck even from viewing the itinerary in Safari on my iPad. Ultimately I ended up emailing a screen shot from my iPad and I thought to myself, “there must be a better way.” I figured that there had to be either an App that looks like a printer to iOS, but makes PDFS (that would be ideal) or at least an App with a built-in web browser that you could use to get to the webpage you wanted to make the PDF from and then make it from within the App. The latter is what I found…

Web To PDF for iPad is exactly what I was looking for

The concept is simple. Web To PDF has a built-in web browser (many apps do). You navigate to the page you want to make the PDF from within the browser and then tap the Create PDF button and your PDF is generated within the App. You can even navigate to multiple sites/pages and continue to build a multipage PDF (nice plus). Once your PDF is built, you can email it directly from the App or use the Open In command to open it in your PDF app of choice. Of course unlike a screenshot, Web to PDF will grab all the pages of the webpage you’re viewing even if they scroll past the current view.

I’m stunned that iOS doesn’t do this natively. However, I’m happy to have found at least one App that does it.

Web to PDF for iPad iTunes

Web to PDF for iPhone iTunes

Smart Merge Pro - Duplicate Contacts Cleanup for AddressBook Gmail Facebook & Google Contacts

Merge Your Duplicate Contacts With Smart Merge Duplicate Contacts

If you’re anything like me you have multiple copies of your contact list in multiple places, all of which converge in your “Contacts” App on your iDevice. Personally, I have contacts from my Google account and my Yahoo account. Contacts that were merged from my computer, not to mention all of the contacts that I put in my phone on a weekly basis. It becomes a little overwhelming at times. Because all of these different locations were feeding names and numbers into my phone, there were multiple duplicates. I tried to keep up with them but going through almost 500 contacts was a daunting task that I didn’t want to take on regularly. I even considered deleting my contacts altogether and starting fresh, but that idea was quickly vetoed by my worrying mind fearing that I would lose an important email or contact that I didn’t have synced somewhere else. Enter Smart Merge Duplicate Contacts, or Smart Merge for short. This App not only goes through and sees what duplicate contacts you have, but it finds duplicate numbers, duplicate email addresses, contacts with no email or no phone number, and more! It has a really easy to use interface, AND it’s a universal binary! It has everything that I wanted and more!


Find The Duplicates

As soon as you launch Smart Merge you are taken to the main screen showing you an assortment of information. You see how many contacts you have total, Duplicate contacts, Duplicate emails, contacts with no name, contacts with no number, and contacts with no email address. It’s a lot of information, sorted very quickly into easy to understand categories.


A quick tap on any of the categories will expand the list to show you it’s contents. For the duplicate contacts page you will see a list of all of the duplicate contacts. Tap the merge button to allow Smart Merge to do it’s magic. It will take your to a screen like this one where you select any contacts that you don’t want merged.

Simply tap the check box next to each contact that you don’t want merged. When done, simple tap the merge button in the top right corner to merge all of the selected contacts.

The same works for the duplicate phones, and duplicate emails fields. Smart Merge shows you the duplicate phone numbers, which contacts they reside with, and allows you to individually control which numbers/contacts are merged.

Missing Fields

When it comes to the bottom three fields (No Name, No Phone Number, and No Email Address), the real point is to let you decide if you want to keep or delete the incomplete (in the Apps eyes) contact. It assumes that if you don’t have the full information, why would you want to have them in your contact list. For the most part this is true, if I don’t have all of your info, I don’t want/need you in my contact list especially if I don’t actually have your phone number. There are some exceptions to the rule, and this is just my personal preference.  A lot of social media Apps will offer up user information for your phone without you even knowing it. The majority of the contacts that I deleted were contacts automatically generated by Facebook, and LinkedIn. There are a few select contacts that I only have email addresses, or twitter names for but that’s what I love about this App; the flexibility to remove certain listings before the App does a mass purge.


The Bottom Line

If you’re like me and have multiple duplicates in your contacts App of your iPhone you’re going to love this App. I can’t recommend it enough and I know you won’t be disappointed with it!


You can get Smart Merge Duplicate Contacts from the iTunes store for $.99 here: iTunes

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