Dropbox Update


Dropbox Update

Recently one of my favorite Apps/Programs got a big update. Dropbox has been my favorite cloud based sharing service for some time now. It's FREE (for a 2GB account) and expandable to 100GBs. Sign Up For A Free Account Here.  One thing that I've always wanted though was the ability to upload BULK files instead of one at a time.  You've been able to upload files for a while now, but they were uploaded one at a time which was tedious and time consuming. No more! With the dedicated upload comes the ability to select multiple files for uploading at one time! Another big improvement and welcome addition is the ability to import files from other Apps such as Mail and more! Since Dropbox is a universal binary, these improvements are included for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.


You can get Dropbox for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch from the iTunes store for free here: iTunes


NBC For the iPad

I'm a TV fan. I have quite a few shows that I like to keep up with, so many that I don't have time to sit down and watch them all . Until now, I have relied on my Slingbox and home DVR to keep up with all of my favorite shows. Now, with the recent update to the NBC iPad App I can watch FULL episodes whenever I want!


The Basics

From a major corporation like NBC, you expect a quality App. I expect to have a schedule to see all of the upcoming shows and their times. NBC gives you 7 days worth of show times in the schedule in an easy to read and understand format. You would also expect quality show descriptions from an App of this caliber. NBC has you covered with descriptions, episode guides, video clips, and photos of EVERY show.


Full Episodes!

With the most recent update to the NBC App, you now can view not only video clips for your favorite shows, but FULL episodes for every show on the App. This is a really nice feature that has been a long time coming. On the main splash page of the App you are presented with the most popular Full Episodes of the last few days. Full episodes for specific shows are accessed by accessing that particular show's page under the "Shows" button at the top of the screen. The shows load quickly and playback is smooth without jumpiness or hesitation. Overall, the Full Episode feature is a quality experience.


The Bottom Line

This App is perfect for anyone that loves programming from NBC but doesn't have time to sit and watch all of their favorite shows when they actually air.



You can get NBC for your iPad for FREE from the iTunes store here: iTunes


CardMunch – Business Card Reader by LinkedIn

Recently I reviewed a new business card reader by Readdle that uses OCR to translate the picture of the business card that you take to text. OCR is not perfect and therefore will usually require some manual checking, verifying and corrections. These corrections are made by you, a human. What if you could hand a stack of business cards to your Administrative Assistent and have him/her enter them for you? If you've got an Admin, then you probably can. For the rest of us it's up to us to get our Contacts entered on our own. One of my readers suggested that I take a look at CardMunch, so I did. 


CardMunch uses humans :)

The big difference between CardMunch and all the other Business Card Reader Apps is that when you take the picture of the business card with CardMunch, it uploads to a LinkedIn powered service that employs real human beings to transcribe the business card, proof read it and then send it back down to your iDevice with a push notification to let you know it's done. Best of all it's FREE! Wow! Once you upload the photo of the card via the App it can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes on average to get the transcribed card back. However, in every one that I've tried to date they have come back 100% correct requiring no further editing on my part. You are required to have a free LinkedIn account to use the App. Since the cards are being transcribed by humans it doesn't matter how complex the card is in terms of hard to read graphic backgrounds that would confuse the OCR based solutions. Once you get the transcribed card back down into the App you can then choose to add it to your iOS Contacts or just keep it in the app. Bonus Tip: When you turn your device to landscape orientation it gives you a cover flow style view of all your scanned cards. Cool!


Sounds great! What's the downside?

While this is very magical and seems perfect, there is one bit of concern and that is that you are submitting your business cards/contacts to a 3rd party. This may be a concern to those who have Privacy issues in general. 


You can get CardMunch for Free here from the iTunes


NFL All Of The Time On Your iPhone and iPad

Here in Cincinnati, it's hard to be a NFL fan… Really hard… But we do the best we can to support our Bengals. Even as hard as the Bengals make it, I still like to follow what's going on around the NFL, particularly our division. Thanks to the NFL, we have NFL '11 for the iPhone and iPad to handle all of our Professional football needs. Like any App developed by a major entity (think Facebook, MLB, Twitter, etc.) expectations were high for me when I downloaded NFL '11 and it didn't disappoint.

Tons of Features Packed into One App

I don't know about you, but the first thing that I want to see when I fire up any sports App is the current score for my preset favorite team. As much as I hate to talk about what I don't like in an App almost first in the review, there is only ONE thing that I don't like so I hope you'll forgive me .;) I'd really like to see the ability to have more than one favorite team (especially on the iPad). I have a few teams that I follow, so it would be a nice inclusion.  Okay, done with what I don't like, on to what I DO like, which is everything else! The ability to set your favorite team is there, and when you launch the App that team's current score and live game activity (if a game is being played) shows up immediately.  

Beyond your favorite teams, there is a scores section that shows the scores for the rest of the NFL. Tapping the game time to the right of any game brings up one of my favorite parts of the App, the alerts box. Inside of this box you can tell the App to alert you when the game Starts, there is a scoring play, highlights happen, when the quarter is over and what the score is for that quarter, or when the game is over and what the final score is. All of these alerts are sent via Push so you never miss an important event in your selected game!

Of course like you would expect there is a news section showing you not only the entire league news, but also an option to quickly see just your favorite Team's news. There are lots of times when you want to quickly see what's happening with your favorite team, this makes it easy!

Personally, I don't get into Fantasy football. My brother (and I think half of the rest of the US) however really gets into it. NFL '11 has you covered. At the bottom, one of the main tabs is Fantasy 2011. From here you can log in to your fantasy league and… Do whatever it is that you do in Fantasy football.

Not to be forgotten there are options to see the schedule for the rest of the year for all of the teams, highlights, video clips, and photos from that week, buy tickets, shop at the NFL shop, and visit the about section for the App.

Keep Up With All of the Scores and More

If you are an avid football fanatic, or just the casual fan, get NFL '11 to help you easily keep up with your favorite teams and the rest of the league on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Get NFL '11 for the iPhone from the iTunes store for Free here:iTunes
Get NFL' 11 for the iPad from the iTunes store for Free here: iTunes


Teach Your Kids Measurement With the iPad

Just last month my Twins went to their first day of kindergarten. For the last two years they went to preschool 3 days a week (which they loved) but I don't think they were quite prepared for school "every day". My daughter (who is quite opinionated to say it kindly) announced after her second day that she was tired of going every day and that she was just going to go three days a week like last year. I chuckled and told her that she should probably get used to it because she has about 16 more years of school before she's done.  Since my first day with my iPad I have tried to find Apps that not only keep my children's attention, but also help prepare them for school. Anything that can give them an advantage, or edge in the learning department, I downloaded. Not too long ago I was presented with Measurement HD for the iPad. Like any App to help my kids, I ran through all of the features myself to see if it was a good quality App or something that was going to just confuse them in the long run. I was delighted with what I found. This App not only teaches measurement in the form of length, but also volume, time, months, and scale! And it does it in a way that really keeps their attention. If you have a child in the Kindergarten or 1st grade range, this is a must have App.

Five Sections

As you can see, there are five sections to chose from with really good graphics to entice the kids. Crazy Clock, Scale Tale, Fill Me Up, Long and Short, and Action Month. Each has it's own set of graphics, and lesson to learn, and each is just as good as all of the others at teaching that lesson.

Long & Short

I'm going to start with this section because it's right where my twins went to first. I'm not sure what drew them to this section first, but there was no doubt which one they wanted to play.  Long and Short the child is given a choice of two pictures. The pictures are of items that they are familiar with; Fish, trains, pencils, etc.  They are asked to chose which is the longest or shortest. This question comes not only in text form but audibly as well. When the child chooses correctly the pictures is sprinkled with what I would describe as golden sparkles indicating that they chose correctly. A new set of pictures is then placed on the screen and the process starts over again.


Crazy Clock

Crazy Clock, is a pretty fun game, and a really good way for children to learn their time on a "traditional" analog clock. The children are presented with a statement such as the one shown. "I go to playschool at 8 in the morning" They are then asked to move the minute hand until the time is correct. As you can see the "8" is circled to help the children figure out which number they should be on. The clock works just like a real analog clock. As you move the minute hands the hour hand moves. They don't move independently of themselves. This means that the child has to spin the minute hand around past the 12, 2 times to get the correct time. When they do, a loud bell and a congratulations message are heard. This particular game has helped my twins learn their time on an analog clock in about 2 months.

Scale Tale

Scale Tale incorporates a really hungry alien holding two food items in his/her hand. The children are presented with a question as in the other games. In this case, which item is heavier? If the child chooses correctly, the alien eats the food and makes a "yum" sound. It's a great way to help children understand scale with visual support.

Fill Me Up

What I really like about Fill Me Up is that it's a little more interactive than the other games. First the child has to drag the liquid to the containers to "fill them up". In the example above it allowed me to drag three glasses of water to the large jug, and two to the smaller jug. Once that was completed, it then asked me which jug held more water. This game is a really, really good exercise for children to grasp volume. I really think that is has helped my children with the concept.

Action Month

Last but not least is Action Month. This particular game asks the child to drag the letters to their correct place in the name of the month. There is an outline of the month to help the child place the letters correctly. Once all of the letters are placed correctly the name of the month is said, and a little helpful saying about the month is said aloud to help the child remember.


Great Learning Tool

As with all of the Apps that have come from PunFlay, this App is a wonderful learning tool that really helps your toddler/young child's developmental skills. I have seen the effect that it has had on my two 5 year old's in just the short amount of time that they have been using it and it's remarkable.


You can get Measurement HD for the iPad from the iTunes store for $1.99 here:  iTunes

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