ParkbudI’ve never understood much of the problem with finding your car in a car park until I was visiting in the US a couple of weeks ago which was my first time having car while over there. Long story short, I now completely see how you can easily loose your car in the car park. Enter Parkbud, a gorgeous application that does two main things: Keep track of how long you have paid and where your car is.

Since I’m a sucker for a good UI, the app rates pretty highly from the start. However, setting the timer can be slightly confusing at first with a difference between time left and when the reminder alarm will go off. It is fully possible to have paid for 5 minutes and set the reminder to go off in 45 minutes. Not very good! There is also no simple way (that I have found) to quickly erase a time if you want to delete it.

Adding your car to the map is very simple and done via the touch of one of three little buttons. You can then easily get directions to the car from where you are using the built-in GPS. Should GPS not be enough for you, you can take a snapshot with the camera to remind yourself exactly how it looked where you parked (or perhaps what your car looks like if it is a rental car).

In the end, Parkbud is a nice application and worth the slight cost if you find yourself not remembering where you park now and then. Having the app on the phone is certainly nice, knowing that it is there when you need it.