It's not every day that I get to have an App developed just the way I want it. However, that's exactly what happened with Presentation Clock and I'm thrilled that this App is now available to all of you as well 🙂 I met with the developer Shawn Welch at Photoshop World and I expressed my frustration with my current timer Apps as I about to head off and teach a class. The two biggest problems with the main app that I was using was that number one it didn't give you any kind of audible alerts at all. You had to constantly look to see how much time was left. That wasn't so bad, but let's say you weren't paying attention and the time ran out. It would then (problem number two) just sit on ZERO. So while you would eventually know (the next time you looked at it)  that your time was up, you would have no idea how much over your time you were. Were you over one minute or were you over 15 minutes?

Presentation Clock Has EVERYTHING I Asked For

Shawn did an excellent job taking my description of how I wanted this App to work and translating that into a polished easy to use App. Even when I asked for a last minute feature of being able to add more time or take time away on the fly, I had no idea how I would want it implemented, but he did it with on easy on screen + and – buttons without having to return to the presets. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a UI freak. The user interface in many cases makes or breaks the App for me. Presentation Clock is an excellent example of how to make a useful App, but also make it look good too. This universal App is native to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Shawn used color in an effective way too. The clock starts out in green. You can then set two warning intervals. Say you have 30 minutes to present and you want a warning at 10 minutes and then another one at 5 minutes. When Presentation Clock hits the 10 minute mark, the entire clock changes to yellow AND you have the option for an audible beep as well as a Vibrate warning, which is VERY USEFUL when you're using this to record your presentation. This way the device can vibrate in your pocket and you know you need to start wrapping things up without having to hear a sound on the recording. Presentation Clock has an unlimited number of preset slots built-in. Just like the iPhone's built-in alarm clock, you can setup as many presentation clock presets as you want and each one can be configured with the warning intervals as well as your beeps and or vibrates. Lastly and most importantly Presentation Clock continues to count down (or up) once your time is up. The image reverses in red so that you have a visual that you're over your time and the timer keeps going negative to let you know how much you're over at a glance. Yes it keeps the display active the whole time so that you never have to wake up the device just to see the timer. 

If you give any kind of timed presentations, this is a MUST HAVE APP! I've even gifted it to a couple of presenters I know that are always going over their time 😉

You can get Presentation Clock here from the Presentation

and I want to personally thank Shawn for listening! 

Configure as many presets as you want.