Everyone knows that I'm a sucker for read along book Apps for the iPad. I love them so much because they really help my twins learn to read in a fun and interactive way. But, as much as I love read along books sometimes I like to sit down and read to my twins. When I found Rick Sammon's Underwater Wonders I knew immediately that this would be a book that I would enjoy as well. Rick Sammon is one of "The Godfathers" of Photography. If you'd like to know more about him you can see his work here. This book shows some of his best underwater work as well as includes some really cool touches that put it over the top!


Reading Along

This isn't a read it to your kids App. Underwater Wonders requires you to sit down with them and flip through reading each page. That's ok though! Reading along with this book as you explore some of the coolest parts of the ocean is educational, exciting, and most of all FUN! As you turn the pages past the dedication you are met with vibrant, sharp images of underwater life, and life underwater for photographic divers. As you progress through the book you meet new and exciting species, all with captions and expandable information to tell you all about what you're looking at as well as interesting facts provided in a way only Rick can. Getting towards the end of the book we arrive upon my favorite species, the great white shark. For my kids the image of the great white was so detailed and life like on the iPad screen that it seems as though the shark was heading right for them! Needless to say the images are great and the information is wonderful!


Some special touches

There are a few special touches that really makes this App stand out for me. First is the full screen mode. As you're reading along the information about each fish etc. is located in a caption box at the bottom of the page. This box can be expanded by pressing the star fish located on the corner of each caption box. You can however view either the image or the information in full screen mode. To achieve this my pressing the small grey icon in the top right corner. This will toggle you between full screen picture, or full screen information. Great feature! 

The next special touch that really made this an awesome App for me is the coloring page option. In the top right corner there is an icon that looks like a box of crayons. This will bring up a coloring sheet that looks just like the image you see on your screen only devoid of color. My twins absolutely loved this! We were able to print the picture, the twins were able to color it in while looking at the original as a reference. Anything that makes the twins happy while providing them with valuable knowledge is great in my book.


With the beautiful images, insightful information, and extra features, this App is up there with my top favorite books for my kids. Rick has done a wonderful job developing this App, and producing the content found within. I would (and do) recommend it to everyone that I know.


You can get Rick Sammon's Underwater Wonders for the iPad for $1.99 from the iTunes store here: iTunes