Business Card Reader is an amazing app that takes advantage of the iPhone platform. Put simply this app lets you take a photo with your iPhone and then OCR (optical character recognition) the contact info and then add it to your contacts. 

You have to see it in action to believe it so I'm just going to show you with this video:


The Bottom Line 

This app utilizes the Macro Lens features of the iPhone 3GS. So while it will work with the iPhone 3G or 2G, you will need to get a Macro lens attachment to physically put on your iPhone such as the Griffin Clarifi Protective case with built-in close-up lens case for iPhone

There is no magic involved – OCR is OCR, so it will only be as good as the source card that you are using. If there are smudges, script fonts, logos that run through the type, etc. Business Card Reader will not be able to recognize those words. Also note that there currently doesn't appear to be a mode for vertically oriented cards.

You can download Business Card Reader here from the App Store:

Business Card Reader