The display above is my Mac OS X Server at home, but I'm looking at it on my iPad. The magic that makes this happen is a great FREE App Called Mocha VNC Lite and of course the built-in Screen Sharing in Mac OS X (Mac OS X Server NOT required). It's amazingly easy to setup. Just turn on Screen Sharing and assign it a password in Mac OS X and open up Port 5900 (or other custom port of your choice) on your router and have it point to the internal IP address of that Mac (or PC if you run VNC software on your PC). Note your current IP address assigned by your ISP and boom you can  connect to that Mac or PC from just about anywhere on the internet. I first started using this great App on the iPhone! Yep, I would fire up Mocha VNC Lite on my iPhone and even over a 3G connection I could see and control my Mac at home. Now granted, the speed of the display is only going to be as good as your internet connection both ends, but the times when I've need to check on something, copy a file to remote disc or change a setting, this App has come in extremely handy. Needless to say I was thrilled to see it updated for the iPad. The iPad's larger screen size is a natural for this App! Mocha VNC Lite supports up to 6 different computers/configurations to Connect to. Your finger becomes the mouse and you can bring up the on screen keyboard anytime you need to do text entry. 

Although I don't use this App every day, the times I've needed it it has never failed me. Since your computer can hold way more information that your iPad or iPhone ever will this App is great for allowing you to look things up that you left behind. Although the App works exactly as advertised and there is a paid version, I'd like to see some more options in the paid version. I'd like to see a file transfer ability. Currently I can bring up a file on screen and email it to myself on the iPad by using Mail on the actual Mac I'm controlling, but I'd like a more direct way built-in to the App.

For the price you can't beat it! It's FREE grab it here:

Mocha VNC Lite